Annual Performance Review

2024 Annual Performance Review 

The Annual Performance Review process creates an opportunity for managers and employees to discuss departmental and individual goals, recognize challenges and accomplishments from the prior year, and plan for professional development in the year ahead. Below you will find information on the components of the annual review process inside and outside of GMS, as well as training opportunities and support resources.

Core Components of the Annual Review

More information on changes to the 2024 Performance Review process.

Stages of the Annual Review Process

  1. Self-Evaluation (Once Annually, Spring)
  2. Manager Evaluation
  3. Manager’s Manager Approval
  4. Manager Acknowledgement and Release
  5. Annual Performance Review Meeting 
  6. Employee Acknowledgement
  7. Ongoing Conversations and Future Goal Setting (Continuous)

Annual Performance Evaluation Workflow in GMS

Annual Performance Evaluation Deadlines

2024 Training and Development 

The Learning and Development team offers training sessions to assist employees and managers in understanding the performance management timeline, terminology, best practices, and the GMS process for conducting annual reviews. Both virtual (Zoom) and in-person sessions will be offered as well as GMS Office Hours. Register for training at the links below. 

Performance Management:

These 90 minute sessions are dedicated to all eligible employees who are preparing to complete the annual self-evaluation. Register for Self-Evaluations:

Performance Management: Manager Evaluations

These 90 minute sessions are dedicated to Managers of eligible employees who are conducting a Manager Evaluation of an administrative employee. 

Note: Registration is required to attend; registered participants will be added to a google calendar invitation from with additional details and a Zoom link.

Performance Management in GMS: Office Hours

These office hour sessions are dedicated to all eligible staff members who need extra support navigating the GMS process of completing a self-evaluation, manager evaluation, or manager’s manager approval. Sign up on this calendar.  To access available appointments, use the blue arrows in the upper left corner to toggle to the week of 2/23 when office hours begin. Please click on the light grey button(s) to select a time slot and then click save to confirm your appointment.

Resources and Handouts for Conducting Evaluations

Regular/Term Staff and AAP employees (non-union) hired prior to February 29, 2024, who have successfully completed their applicable probationary period which can be found in your offer letter.

Employees and their managers can view past performance evaluations in GMS by navigating to the employee profile in GMS and click “Performance” for the menu on the left side of the page. Additionally, users can type “My Reviews” into the search bar in GMS and click on the available report which will display all available Performance Evaluations.

Eligible employees, their direct Managers, and their Manager’s Manager. 

Union represented employees are not required to participate in this GMS process. Union represented employees should connect with their direct supervisor with  any questions.

Please reach out to your assigned HR Business Partner (HRBP) for more information regarding performance reviews for union-supported employees.

Speak with your direct supervisor to confirm your probationary status. Review the probationary period policy for more information.

The self-evaluation is a fully electronic process that will become available in your GMS (workday) inbox on February 20th, 2024. Employees will submit a self-evaluation first, which will be routed to their Manager who will conduct a Manager Evaluation. Then, these evaluations will be routed to the Manager’s Manager for approval. For a detailed explanation of this process, please attend our Performance Management: Self-Evaluations training.

After an employee completes their self-evaluation in GMS, it will route to the manager’s GMS inbox and generate an email notification to the manager.  The manager will then complete the manager evaluation in GMS. It will then route to the manager’s manager for approval.  Once the manager’s manager approves the evaluation, the manager will release the evaluation to the employee and prepare for a one-on-one performance evaluation meeting with their employee.

Please contact your HR Business Partner (HRBP) to confirm you are eligible for this year’s performance review process.