Georgetown University I-9 Process

Coronavirus Update:

Georgetown University is taking proactive steps to ensure the health and safety of our community. As part of these efforts, the I-9 Office will be moving to a teleworking environment starting March 16, 2020. The Department of Human Resources I-9 website offers detailed instructions and access to all of the forms required to complete a remote I-9.

Employees are permitted to complete the I-9 form the three following ways:

  1. Schedule an in-person appointment with an I-9 Analyst to complete the I-9 form. An I-9 analyst will be available every Wednesday and additional days as needed to complete the I-9 form. Scheduled appointments will be required for the duration of the University’s Telework Continuity operating status. We are located on the 6th floor of 2115 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Suite 601, Washington, DC 20007  (Open 8:30 am- 5:00 pm)
  2. Complete the Remote I-9 form with an authorized representative.
  3. In certain circumstances, new employees who are ill due to COVID-19 or are unable to leave their residence due to a federal, state, or local quarantine or isolation order related to COVID-19 may be permitted to complete their I-9 via zoom. Please email for further information about this option and to set up an appointment with an I-9 Analyst.

The I-9 form is a form that all employees working in the United States are required to fill out. If you are working remotely outside of the US, please contact our office to see if you are required to complete the I-9 form. Employees are required to complete the form within three days of their hire date. 

Please contact the I-9 office at with any questions or concerns regarding the I-9 Form. 

General Information

Federal law requires that all employees verify their identity and eligibility to work in the United States by completing the I-9 Form within 3 business days of hire. Employees who are updating their work authorization documents must also complete the re-verify process though the I-9 form.

For Administrative and Student workers the Electronic I-9 process is initiated through the worker’s GMS onboading tasks and requires that the Hire transaction for the worker be completed in GMS before the Electronic I-9 can be initiated. 

Section 1 of the I-9 Form will be prepopulated with information from the employee’s background check for Administrative employees, or from Banner for Student workers.  New hires will be instructed on the completion of the form through email alerts during their onboarding process; and hiring managers will receive emails advising them of the employee’s I-9 completion status. Please refer to the New Hire Payroll Calendar ( for deadlines to process and onboard new hires. 

For faculty, the Electronic I-9 is not part of the onboarding process, but the form can be completed by all workers in GMS (please refer to the Electronic I-9 job aid for details).  Newly hired Faculty will be able to complete the I-9 Form either electronically or via paper form.

The visual inspection of I-9 identification documents is required. Human Resources Contacts and I-9 Analysts are responsible for reviewing documents presented by employees and entering the information into GMS. To find the I-9 contact for your campus, please click on the appropraite link to the right. A copy of the identification documents will also be scanned in GMS.  

Please remember, the U.S. Citizen and immigration Service (USCIS) requires employees to present their original, unexpired documents from the List of Acceptable Documents in person, within 3 business days of hire.  Failure to complete this process will result in the employee being removed from payroll.

For questions regarding the GMS process for electronic I-9s, please email

For questions regarding the I-9 Form or acceptable documents, please email  

Remote Hires

Any employee who is hired by Georgetown University must file an I-9 form, even if they are working outside of the DC area. If an employee is unable to complete the I-9 in person they will need to file the form remotely. The hiring department will need to send the employee the Remote Hire Notice Form. It is the hiring department’s responsibility to complete the Employee Information and Georgetown University Hiring Department Information section of the Remote Hire Notice Form. The employee will then need to take a copy of the I-9 and their original documents to a notary, Human Resources professional or lawyer to complete the I-9 form. The completed I-9 form, Remote Hire Notice Form and copies of the original documents presented will then be mailed back to the Department of Human Resources. Even when completed remotely the I-9 form must still be completed within the 3 business day deadline to be compliance with federal law. 

Remote I-9 Instructions and I-9

List of Acceptable Documents for completing the I-9

Please note that all documents must be original (not photocopied or scanned) and unexpired.

Click here for the list as a PDF.

List of acceptable docs

If more specific information is needed regarding acceptable documents, please email

Helpful Links

As the form changes frequently, and the requirement is to use the most recent version, always retrieve the form from the USCIS website (new window).

The USCIS website (new window) also has more detailed information and illustrations regarding acceptable documents, re-verification and completing Section 3.