Client Services

The HR Client Services team is comprised of Client Services Partners (CSPs) that are a focal point of contact for those divisions and campuses.  These experienced HR professionals are tasked with providing services that include:

  • identifying human resources needs and goals
  • designing solutions for addressing these needs
  • developing comprehensive plans for reaching these goals.

The Client Services model allows the team to:

  • ensure that all human resources needs meet business objectives
  • make sure they work closely with, and are constantly connected to, each division and campus to address their needs
  • work closely with each other to benefit all of Georgetown University

The team manages complex human resource strategic consultative services. Services cover a broad range of functions, including:

  • employment
  • policy development
  • employee relations and labor relations
  • organizational development
  • training and compensation

If you have any questions or concerns involving a specific area of the university, contact your respective CSP.

CampusClient Services Partner
Interim DirectorRoberta Kelley Paul
Law Center + Medical CenterZeina Tomey
Main CampusTania Draghi
University ServicesKatina Porter