HR eRequest

The HR eRequest process in the Georgetown Management System (GMS) offers managers and department administrators (DAs) a streamlined process to initiate, monitor and complete staffing requests for administrative positions, using a single access point in GMS. The HR eRequest process does not currently include faculty and student worker transactions. These are handled through separate processes. Please refer to your campus page for further information.

How It Works

How to Submit an HR eRequest

Managers and department administrators (DAs) can submit an HR eRequest for a wide range of requests for administrative employees and positions. It is important for initiators to familiarize themselves with the types of staffing requests supported by this process. Definitions for the key request types can be found below. Each request type has a unique set of questions that will be completed. You can use the HR eRequest Questionnaire Guide to review these questions and help you prepare for submitting your HR eRequest. Follow the steps below:

Create Position

Request for a new position to perform duties that cannot be performed by the existing employees/positions in a department.

Recruit for Vacancy

Request to post a vacant position for recruiting. May be a straight replacement or require review for new classification / compensation prior to recruiting.


Request for classification/ compensation review of an existing position with an active incumbent to reflect significant changes to the duties performed by that position.
(HR Policy 706)

Salary Adjustment

Request for a permanent salary increase of up to 10% for an active employee for reasons including new skills, equity and retention.
(HR Policy 708)

Acting Pay

Request for a temporary salary increase of up to 20% when an  employee assumes all of the responsibilities of a vacant position in a higher salary grade.
(HR Policy 708)

Additional Work Pay

Request for a  temporary salary increase of up to 10% for short-term work outside the scope of a position’s normal responsibilities resulting from a vacancy or special project.
(HR Policy 708)

FTE Change

Request to change the number of hours an active employee is assigned to work each week without a change in the rate of compensation.
(1 FTE = 40 hours/week)

Term Extension

Request to extend the employment end date for an employee in a term position, a position that is expected to be for a fixed period greater than six months, without a change to the compensation of the active employee.

Update Position Description

Request and update of the position for a currently filled, existing position without changes to the compensation and when the intention is that the classification of the position is to remain the same. This request type is intended to ensure GMS records are accurate and up-to-date.

Approval Process

Once submitted, a staffing request will route through a series of review steps as outlined with responsibilities below. Initiators can track their submissions using the new My HR Requests report.

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