GUMC HR Services

HR eRequest Transition

In order to facilitate transferring to the HR eRequest portal and closing out requests in the current GUMC process, request intake will be paused from August 25 – September 5. As of September 6, you will be able to initiate requests via HR eRequest in GMS. Urgent requests during the pause can be requested by contacting

Approval Process

Once submitted, a staffing request will route through a series of review steps as outlined with responsibilities below. Initiators can track their submissions using the new My HR Requests report.

GUMC HR Services

The GUMC HR Team consists of HR Officers designated to a particular school or unit within GUMC and they serve as “Human Resource Contacts” (HRCs). GUMC HR Services team serves as the first point of contact, providing guidance on all matters related to human resources.

The GUMC HR team is under the direction of Amri Rouson, Director of Human Resources.

Amri Rouson

Human Resources Director

202-687-1046 / 120 Building D/


Lauren Pav

Human Resources Administrator / 120 Building D

Areas: GUMC Operations

Erin Curtis

Human Resources Officer

202-687-2231 / St. Mary’s Hall 134

Areas: School of Nursing and School of Health


Sochima Ekemezie

Human Resources Officer

202-687-2910 / NE303 Med-Dent Bldg

Areas: Clinical Departments and Centers


Donna Harris

Human Resources Officer

202-687-7893 / NE303 Med-Dent Bldg

Areas: Basic Science Departments and Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE)


Roxanne Holmes

Human Resources Officer

202-687-7380 / NE303 Med-Dent Bldg

Areas: Clinical Department and Centers, Contingent Workers


Queen Smith

Human Resources Officer

202-687-1615 / W504 New Research Building

Area: Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center


Tracy Davis

HR Specialist

202-687-2236 / 306 New Research Building

Area: Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center (Student, Contingent Worker, Foreign Nationals)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the HRC can initiate eRequests if needed.

They must be given an eRequestor role in GMS. Please work with your HRC to complete this step.