HR Administrative Service Center

HR Administrative Service Center

The HR Administrative Service Center team is responsible for maintaining a streamlined pipeline of HR issues and solutions. Through this service center, any University Services employee, manager, or leader has access to a centralized team that can serve as their first point-of-contact for any HR transaction. The service center team is responsible for intake, triage, customer service, HCM data entry, and escalation to other HR centers of expertise. The team offers a concierge-level service to the members of the community it supports.

Approval Process

Once submitted, a staffing request will route through a series of review steps as outlined with responsibilities below. Initiators can track their submissions using the new My HR Requests report.

Caren Sobier

Assistant Director for Admin
Service Center


Responsible for overseeing the Administrative Service Center for University Services and ensuring the team is providing excellent customer service for all University Services Departments.

Nikia Taylor

HCM Specialist – nt577


Cluster 2 lead: Audit, Financial Affairs, Government Relations and Community Engagement, Investment, Office of COO, Public Affairs, Tech Commercialization, VP Research. Assist with SAFF & ATH when needed

Jennifer McLeod

HCM Specialist – jm3494


Cluster 5 lead (SAFF)

Kineta Johnson

HCM Specialist – kes68


Cluster 1 lead: Auxiliary Services, Facilities & GUPD

Lakesia Brister

HCM Specialist – ltb43


Cluster 3 & 4 lead: Athletics, GRACE, Global Engagement/Berkley, IDEAA, Mission and Ministry, President’s Office

Monica Lewis

Student Hiring Specialist – ml2117


Processes all student hiring for University Services

How we help

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General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your HCM Specialist can help you locate position descriptions.

Please submit unique requests per position/employee. For example, if you need to recruit for two positions in your department, please create separate requests for each. This will allow for the most accurate tracking and reporting.

The HR Administrative Services Center is designed for coverage of all departments regardless of an individual team member’s absence to ensure continuity in the processing of HR eRequests. For assistance with HR processes not included in the HR eRequest system (e.g., terminations or any other questions you may have), please email the HR Administrative Service Center email address will ensure your email is answered in the most timely manner possible.

The HR eRequest training materials include information about checking position budget and default compensation in GMS. The HR Administrative Services team is always available to assist in determining these information as well as helping to coordinate with the Finance Officer for your department.

Please complete a Hoya Hiring form and email it to for student positions and hiring. Please submit student hiring paperwork at least 5 business days prior to student employee’s start date.

Managers, Department Administrators and HR eRequesters can submit HR eRequests. Please contact the HR Administrative Center if you do not currently have one of these roles but have been tasked with creating an HR eRequest.

The Department of Human Resources will process their portions of the HR eRequest process (HR services and Classification and Compensation) in no more than two business days. Various factors can impact the processing time for financial approvals (i.e., Finance Officer and CFO). The HR Administrative Services team will contact you to adjudicate any budgetary concerns if they are impacting the processing time of your request. Please also note there is still a regularly held campus financial review meeting for outstanding requests once they have reached the CFO that may add up to 14 business days to this process.

A new version of HR eRequest for University Serviceswent live on September 6th. To run a report for eRequests submitted before September 6, 2022 search “GU Find HR eRequests – Phase 1” in the search bar.

GMS will produce an automated notification when your HR eRequest has been fully approved. Please note that the HR eRequest process is an approval process only, and your HCM Specialist will use that information to create a position, post a job, etc. These subsequent business processes take no more than 2 business days to complete.

Managers and Department Administrators can view all of the HR eRequests they have submitted using the GU Find HR eRequest report in GMS.

Managers and Department Administrators can contact with any questions about process or policy.

Please email the HR Administrative Service Center and your HCM Specialist will be happy to help coordinate assistance.