Required Workplace Postings

District of Columbia Postings

DCFMLA/COVID Leave (English)
DC Voting (English)
District of Columbia (English) (Spanish)
District of Columbia – Living Wage (English)
District of Columbia Non-Discrimination (English) (Spanish)
Child Labor Law (English)
Equal Employment Opportunity (English) (Spanish)
Family and Medical Leave Act (English)
Minimum Wage (English) (Spanish)
Parental Leave Act (English)
Protecting Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (English) (Spanish)
Sick and Safe (English)
The Right to Breastfeed (Optional) (English)
Unemployment Compensation (English)
DC Wage Theft Prevention Act (English)
Worker’s Compensation (English)

Maryland Postings

Maryland (English) (Spanish)
Maryland – Federal (English) (Spanish)
Maryland – Notices/Avisos (English & Spanish)
Maryland – Occupational Safety and Health Act – Public Sector (English)

New York Postings

New York – (English) (Spanish)
New York – Employment Laws (English)​ (Spanish)
New York – Department of Health Food and Allergies (English)
New York – Department of Consumer Affairs, Commission on Human Rights: Notices (English) (Spanish)
New York – Employee Rights Under the FFCRA (English) (Spanish)
New York – Deductions from Wages (English)
New York – Public Employee Safety and Health (English)
New York – Notice of Compliance to Employees (English & Spanish)

Federal and State Workplace Posters 2021-2022

Federal (English)
Federal Contractor (English)
Alabama (English)
Alaska (English)
Alaska – Summary of Alaska Wage and Hour Act (English)
Arizona (English)
Arizona – The Fair Wages and Healthy Families Act (English)
Arkansas (English)
Arkansas – Notice to Employer & Employee (English)
California (English)
California COVID-19 Sick Leave (English)
Colorado (English)
Connecticut (English)
District of Columbia (English)
Delaware (English)
Florida (English)
Georgia (English)
Georgia – Equal Pay for Equal Work Act (English)
Hawaii (English)
Idaho (English)
Illinois (English)
Indiana (English)
Iowa (English)
Kansas (English)
Kentucky (English)
Louisiana (English)
Maine (English)
Maryland (English)
Massachusetts (English)
Michigan (English)
Minnesota (English)
Mississippi (English)
Missouri (English)
Montana (English)
Nebraska (English)
Nevada (English)
New Hampshire (English)
New Jersey (English)
New Mexico (English)
New York (English)
North Carolina (English)
North Dakota (English)
Ohio (English)
Oregon (English)
Pennsylvania (English)
Rhode Island (English)
South Carolina (English)
South Dakota (English)
Tennessee (English)
Texas (English)
Utah (English)
Vermont (English)
Virginia (English)
Washington (English)
West Virginia (English)
Wisconsin (English)
Wyoming (English)

Employee Rights: According to the National Labor Relations Act (English) (Spanish)
Drug-Free Workplace (University Policy 1003 – Drug-Free Workplace) (English)
EEO is the Law (EEOC) (English) (Spanish)
Employee Polygraph Protection Act (English) (Spanish)
Employee Rights and Responsibilities Under the FMLA (English)
Employee Rights on Government Contracts (English) (Spanish)
Employees with Disabilities (English)
FLSA Federal Minimum Wage Law (English)
If You Have the Right to Work (Dept. of Justice) (English)
OSHA Job Safety and Health Protection (English) (Spanish)
Union Members (English) (Spanish)
USERRA Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act (English)
We Participate in E-Verify (Homeland Security) (English) (Spanish)

Workers’ Compensation by State 2021-2022

Arizona ​(English & Spanish)
Arizona – Exposure to Bodily Fluids (English) (Spanish)
Arizona – Work Exposure to Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcusaureus (MRSA), Spinal Meningitis, or Tuberculosis (TB) (English)
California ​(English) (Spanish)
California – Whistleblowers are Protected (English) (Spanish)
California – Time of Hire Pamphlet (English) (Spanish)
Colorado (English) (Spanish)
Connecticut (English)
Delaware (English)
District of Columbia (English) (Spanish)
Florida (English) (Spanish)
Kentucky (English) (Spanish)
Illinois ​(English) (Spanish)
Indiana (English) (Spanish)
Louisiana​ (English) (Spanish)
Maryland (English & Spanish)
Massachusetts​ (English) (Spanish)
Michigan (English)
Michigan – Know Your Rights (English)
Michigan – Workers’ Disability Compensation​ (English)
Minnesota​ (English) (Spanish)​
New Jersey (English) (Spanish)​
New York – Notice of Compliance to Employees (English & Spanish)
New York – Statement of Rights (English) (Spanish)
New York – Vehicle Notice (English)
North Carolina (English) (Spanish)​
Pennsylvania (English)
Tennessee (English) (Spanish)
Texas (English) (Spanish)
Texas – Employee Counsel Notice (English) (Spanish)
Virginia (English) (Spanish)
West Virginia (English)