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Federal and State Workplace Posters 2022-2023

Washington Employment Law Postings

  • Washington – Seattle Sick Leave (English)
    Washington – Tacoma Sick Leave (English)

Workers’ Compensation by State

Federal Employment Law Posters

Know Your Rights (English)(Spanish)
Federal (English) (Spanish)
Federal Contractor (English) (Spanish)
Employee Rights under the FFCRA (English) (Spanish)
Federal Employee Rights under the FFCRA (English) (Spanish)
Employee Rights Under the Davis-Bacon Act (English) (Spanish)
Federal Contractor: Notices (English) (Spanish)
Applicant Information: Notices (English) (Spanish)
Federal Contractor, Applicant information: Notices (English) (Spanish)
Federal Contractor: Minimum Wage (English) (Spanish)
Federal Contractor: Paid Sick Leave (English) (Spanish)
Agricultural Workers: Employee Rights Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (English) (Spanish)
Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (English) (Spanish)
Employee Rights for Workers with Disabilities Paid at Subminimum Wages (English) (Spanish)
Employee Rights Under the H-2A Program (English) (Spanish)
Employee Rights: According to the National Labor Relations Law (English) (Spanish)