Redeploy Georgetown: COVID-19 Response – Manager Resource Page

Manager Participation

Redeploy Georgetown participants are essential to the university’s ability to protect the health and safety of members of our community, ensure academic continuity and fulfill our educational and research missions, and protect the livelihoods of members of the Georgetown community. Primary managers of these employees play a central role in the program’s success.

Managers’ efforts to stay in close communication with their team members, offer support and potentially adjust/change how work is assigned are essential. These quick reference documents offer key elements of successfully managing a redeployed employees:

Manager Resources

The redeployment of a team member often requires the redistribution of work within a team, reevaluation of expectations, and potentially additional stress. There are a number of available resources.

Human Resources Client Services:
The experienced professionals on the HR Client Services team are always available as a manager’s primary resource. Client Services Partners can assist by designing solutions for any challenges that arise as a result of your team member’s participation in Redeploy Georgetown. These services include but are not limited to workforce planning, employee engagement and goal setting.

You can find further details and contact information on the Client Services page.

Professional Development Courses:
Georgetown University also offers a number of self-directed learning opportunities through its partnership with LinkedIn Learning.

Included here are a number of free, self-paced professional development courses that will help you hone the skills necessary to successfully manage your team.

Wellness Resources
Georgetown also offers access to various programs designed to assist employees maintain their mental health during these challenging times.

View a number of virtual wellness opportunities and resources available.

GU Wellness

FSAP provides free, confidential counseling, consultation, and educational services to faculty, staff and their immediate family members.

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program

Mindset is a virtual therapy and coaching resource offered by One Medical for all U.S.-based benefits eligible employees.

One Medical Mindset