Program Overview

The Department of Human Resources has designed the Redeploy Georgetown program to address the  emerging needs of the university and the availability of staff to fill those needs on a short-term, temporary basis.  Georgetown’s hybrid operational status in Fall 2020 creates work in areas supporting our health and safety efforts, which may include roles involving visitor registration, wellness screening and perimeter access support. These new work areas will benefit from a redeployment of staff in targeted areas who are currently affected by a reduction in available work due to COVID-19.

Redeploy Georgetown will connect eligible and available staff members in targeted areas with opportunities for temporary projects or assignments supporting these public health measures.

Redeploy Georgetown is an expression of our values and culture. It is an opportunity to support the community and rise to meet the challenges we now encounter. It also provides an opportunity for staff to develop new skills and grow professionally.

Current Opportunities

The Public Health Screener (PHS) will interact with Georgetown Community members and visitors’ to campus on issues of COVD-19 related public health issues.  The PHS will be posted at selected building entrances to screen people entering the building to assure they are following proper University guidelines and procedures to be allowed access to the building.

The PHS’s will work on both the Main and Medical campuses.

Runners will be working with the Public Health Group to coordinate on-site student support during quarantine and isolation on the Main Campus in alignment with DC Public Health guidelines. Responsibilities include delivering packages to student’s residences; being on-call to provide support services on behalf of the Public Health Group, Division of Student Affairs, and other university departments; and, if willing, safely escorting students to isolation via golf cart or by foot (training and PPE provided).  This can be a dedicated full-time redeploy or 10+ hours/week.  Shifts are currently available Monday – Friday from 9 am – 5 pm, though these hours may be adjusted or expanded if flexibility allows.

Redeployment Policies

A Redeploy Georgetown assignment is short-term work to be performed outside of the regular scope of an employee’s primary position. Participation in the program will have no impact on an employee’s primary reporting structure, job title, compensation or benefits eligibility. Redeployment assignments are at-will and may be discontinued by any party at any time for any reason.

The complete Redeploy Georgetown Program Terms and Conditions will be delivered to employees at the beginning of a redeployment assignment.

Redeployment Process

The Department of Human Resources is working with targeted departments to identify the redeployment assignments required to implement the university’s Fall 2020 ReOpen Plan and employees available to assume those assignment duties.

  • Departments and managers who have an available redeploy assignment in their department will complete redeployment Assignment Request Forms.
  • HR will create the assignments.
  • Available employees or their managers will complete an Employee Availability Form.
  • HR will match employees to assignments.
  • HR will work with departments to ensure redeployed workers receive any necessary training to successfully complete their redeployment duties.

Redeploy Georgetown Information Sessions

Informational webinars will be scheduled with identified departments and employees to discuss the Redeploy Georgetown program and offer a forum for questions about the program’s policies and processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Redeploy Georgetown was created to fill important roles needed to execute the University’s Fall 2020 Reopening Plan with existing Georgetown employees who may not be able to carry out their normal job functions through telework. The program is a redeployment of staff aimed to engage our employees as part of a creative solution to ongoing COVID-19 challenges, and contribute to larger strategic goals. The program  will  enable the Georgetown community to match  eligible and available staff members who may otherwise be affected by a COVID-19- reduction in work with opportunities for temporary projects or assignments outside their departments or the scope of their primary positions.

Departments in need of additional people to perform specialized work resulting from the university’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, or as a result of  the hiring pause, will work with the Department of Human Resources (HR) to create redeployment assignments.  HR will coordinate  with targeted departments and managers to identify employees and pair them with appropriate redeployment assignments.

A member of the university’s Classification and Compensation team will review assignment requests and create the assignments in GMS.

The university’s Recruiting Services team will manage the redeployment candidate pool and work with assignment managers to match available employees to redeployment assignments. Recruiting Services will also be tasked with initiating and ending redeployment assignments in GMS.

Each assignment will have established start and end dates. The Department of Human Resources will work with departments, managers and employees to match available employees and assignments accordingly.

Managers in targeted areas may identify staff members whose duties are significantly impacted by COVID-19 and are underutilized. Once a manager and an employee have discussed the opportunity for the employee to participate in the Redeploy Georgetown program, the manager or employee may submit an Employee Availability form. These employees will be added to the redeployment candidate pool.

The Department of Human Resources is currently working with targeted departments to identify immediate needs to support the university’s Fall 2020 ReOpen Plan. Those managers and departments will submit requests using the Assignment Request Form.

Primary managers may request an end to the redeployment participation of their direct reports at any time due to operational needs. Primary managers must consult with their HR Client Services Partner or Recruiting Services to initiate this process. The employee, primary manager, and assignment manager  must work together to ensure the successful completion or transition of any pending tasks or projects on which the employee was working prior to the termination of the assignment.

As employment and redeployment assignments are at-will, an employee may request an early end to a redeployment assignment for any reason. We request at least 2 weeks’ notice which should be made to the assignment manager. . Employees should consult with their primary manager or HR Client Services Partner with issues or concerns. Upon the end of the assignment, the employee will return to the redeployment candidate pool.

Redeployment assignments will have no impact on an employee’s primary job title, salary, full-time equivalency, benefits eligibility or paid leave accrual.  None of the characteristics of an employee’s primary position will change as a result of redeployment.

Redeployment assignments will not impact an employee’s primary reporting structure. An employee’s primary manager will remain unchanged. However, for the purposes of the short-term redeployment assignment, each participating employee will be responsible for reporting to their assignment manager and completing all duties of the short-term redeployment assignment to satisfaction.

Hourly/non-exempt workers will continue to complete and submit their timesheets as usual in GMS. Approving timesheets remains the responsibility of the manager of the employee’s primary position. Primary managers must  work with assignment managers to validate hours worked.

Total hours worked between the primary position and redeployment assignments are not intended to exceed 40 hours/week, or regularly scheduled weekly hours of the employee’s primary position.  Hourly, non-exempt, employees cannot work overtime hours without prior approval of both the primary manager and the assignment manager, in accordance with current overtime policies. The primary manager will be responsible for approving all hours in GMS.

Upon the completion of a redeployment assignment, an employee will be returned to the redeployment pool if they have available hours.

Employees on assignment must  discuss time off requests with both their primary managers and their assignment managers. Time off request approval in GMS will remain the sole responsibility of employees’ primary managers.

An employee is expected to provide at least two weeks’ notice of resignation or a change in employment status with the university. The primary manager  must work with the employee and the assignment manager to ensure the completion or transition details of any pending assignments or projects on which the employee was working.  HR Client Services Partners can assist with this transition.