University Services

The I-9 process

All new hires and rehires in University Services (Faculty, Staff and Students) need to complete their Form I-9 on or before their first day of employment with a Human Resources Contact. An employee may be asked to stop working until such time as the I-9 form is completed. A new hire can fill out the Form I-9 at any point after an offer is made and accepted.

  • On the first day of work – newly hired employees should come report to their Human Resources Contact to complete Section 2 of the I-9 Form and to present their original documents. If the employee does not have their original documents they will have THREE business days to present the documents to the Human Resources Contact or they will not be allowed to work until they have completed the I-9 form. For additional information on acceptable documents, please see the General Information of Georgetown University I-9 Process.
  • Once the I-9 has been completed – the form and the supporting documents will be saved digitally in GMS. The Human Resources Contact will also enter ID Information, such as social security number, passport, visa and employment authorization information into GMS. The employee must be in GMS at the time the I-9 is processed.