Performance Management Training

Performance Management Training has concluded. Please reference the training tools and resources on our homepage as you complete final reviews.

The Department of Human Resources offers three learning and development opportunities for Staff/AAPs to discover and understand Performance Management and the process in GMS. Participants may select the courses that best fit their position type and learning needs.

Performance Management for Employees (Employee as Self)

This training is designed to prepare Georgetown Employees for the annual GU Performance Management process. Participants will learn to effectively inventory their yearly accomplishments and successfully complete the employee self-evaluation. Participants will learn best practices in assigning their responsibilities and accomplishments to the GU performance competencies, rating oneself, and how to use the performance management process to advocate for themselves and areas they wish to grow.  The training will conclude with a real-time demonstration of the Performance Management process in GMS for the employee self-evaluation.

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Performance Management for Managers (Employee as Manager)

This training is designed to prepare Georgetown Managers of Staff/AAP employees to effectively navigate the GU Performance Management process for themselves and for their direct reports. Managers will learn best practices in evaluating employee success and how to fairly and equitably rate their direct reports based on the GU performance management competencies. This training emphasizes the importance of leading and building a culture of continuous feedback and how managers can use this process to foster collaborative relationships with their direct reports and increase self awareness. The training will conclude with a real-time demonstration of the Performance Management process in GMS for self-evaluation and supervisee evaluation.

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Performance Management in GMS Office Hours

An opportunity for employees to ask questions and gain additional support on the process of entering self or manager evaluations in the Georgetown Management System (GMS). 

If you need additional 1:1 coaching or support managing employee performance, please contact your HR Business Partner.

Training Resources

  • GMS Performance Management for Employee and Managers: Coming Soon
    FY23 Performance Management: Employee as Self 
    FY23 Performance Management: Manager
    FY23 Performance Management: Manager’s Manager
    Feedback and Goal Setting Training: Coming Soon

Virtual Office Hours

Employees and managers who need individual support with any technical difficulties they are having completing or submitting reviews in GMS can sign up for individual support during virtual office hours.