How to Create and Post a Vacancy

The following Human Resources (HR) processes have been developed to ensure all employment decisions align with the University’s financials goals and operational needs. The updated processes will apply to all hiring and salary change decisions made for administrative staff, Academic and Administrative Professional (AAP), and temporary employee positions across the campuses. The only positions exempted from these new processes will be those which are fully grant funded. The following is an outline of the new processes.

  1. Managers will work with their Human Resources Contacts (HRCs) and HR Business Partners (HRBPs) to complete the required forms for their staffing request: Position Budget/Classification Form, Position Description, Position Justification FormReclassification Justification Form (if applicable)
  2. The department’s Finance Partner will perform an initial budget review and approve/deny the requests. Approved requests will be forwarded to the campus CBO/CFO.
  3. The department’s CBO/CFO will review all requests with the campus EVP/COO and approve/deny them as necessary. Approved requests will be forwarded to HR for review.
  4. The HR Compensation and Classification  team will review all requests, performing any necessary classification work and ensuring the requests comply with compensation policies. Reviewed requests will be collected and submitted to the EVP/COO committee with HR’s recommendations.
  5. The EVP/COO committee will meet weekly to make final determinations on all staffing requests.
  6. The Classification and Compenation team will notify HRCs of the status of their requests after the EVP/COO committee meeting.
  7. HRCs will initiate all employment business processes in GMS (creating positions, creating job requisitions, posting jobs, reclassifying positions, etc.).
  8. HR, the Finance Partner, and the CBO/CFO will review all GMS business processes for appropriateness and accuracy, making the final GMS approvals.

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