Guidelines and Expectations

The following section provides an overview of Georgetown University policies and procedures that affect employees before, during, and after their time at the University. More information may be found online at

University Identification Cards: GOCard (Georgetown One Card)

All employees are issued a University identification card known as GOCard. GOCards are used to show proof of employment and to aid University security. Medical Center employees are also issued ID badges that must be worn on the premises. A GOCard is required, for example, to use the University shuttle buses. Employees also may be required to present their cards to use the libraries, recreational facilities, or gain access to the campuses and its buildings. In addition to functioning as an ID, the GOCard serves as a debit card that may be used at campus eateries, vending machines and select off-campus retailers. Each employee’s badge and/or GOCard is for his or her exclusive use. Sharing or otherwise transferring any University identification card is prohibited. When an employee’s employment at the University ends, he or she must return all University ID cards to the department head. Visit for more information on how to manage the multi-use GOCard.

Physical Exams

Employees who will be involved in direct patient care are required to have health examinations and clearance (including required immunizations) within 15 days of starting their employment at the University. Employees in certain other positions at the University may also be required to obtain health clearance. The bill for all pre-placement health requirements will be paid for by the department where the employee will work.

Prior to a newly hired employee’s start date, the hiring manager will inform the new recruit about pre-placement examinations and the process for obtaining one through the Department of Regulatory Affairs at the Medical Center. New employees may be asked to supply prior medical treatment documents from their health care providers, and they may be referred to Employee Health Services at Georgetown University Hospital. The University requires that each employee under the age of 18 have a written consent letter signed by the employee’s parent or legal guardian prior to receiving the health examination.

After completion of the pre-placement health requirements and within 15 days of the employee’s first day of work, the Employee Health Services will forward a Statement of Work Status form to the new employee’s department head.

Licensure and Certification

Some University positions require individuals to be professionally licensed or certified by the District of Columbia or other authorizing agency. Employees hired for positions requiring licensure or certification must provide proof that they have the required licensure or certification. The University may delay an employee’s start date until the required licensure or certification is obtained. These employees are responsible for keeping these documents up-to-date and generally to pay any fees associated with the process.

Access to Personnel Records

Each employee’s personnel record is confidential and, as such, is not generally available for review by persons outside the University, except as permitted by applicable law. Authorized government agencies, for example, are allowed access to an employee’s personnel record. The University may also be required to turn over records requested pursuant to a valid subpoena. Employees who wish to review their own personnel file should make arrangements with the Human Resources Department. Employees will be required to review their file on the premises of the Human Resources Department. Employees may copy only the portions of their file that they were previously provided.

Change of Biographical Data

It is the employee’s responsibility to keep the University up to date about any changes in his or her personal information, such as name, home address, home telephone number, emergency contact, dependent information and tax status. Employees should update their biographical data directly through Employee Access+ at and inform their supervisors of the update.

Change in Tax Withholding

Employees who change the jurisdiction in which they reside must complete new state tax withholding forms. Forms are available online at, or in the Payroll or the Human Resources Department.

Employment Verification

Georgetown University uses an automated verification system to verify employment and income. This service may be helpful in situations such as mortgage applications, reference checks, loan applications and apartment leases. It is quick and accurate. For instructions on how to use the service, visit The Georgetown University Employer Code is 10507.

Financial Affairs Policies and Procedures

The Division of Financial Affairs manages and safeguards University assets, and liabilities. The office’s staff is charged with formulating, implementing and monitoring financial policies and procedures, and preparing and interpreting financial reports, and analyses. A complete set of policies, organization chart, phone list and forms is online at