Employment Services FAQs

Where can I find out about Georgetown’s job openings? 

You can visit our HR Jobsite.

How do I find out about any temporary job opportunities?  

Please visit the Prospective Employees Section of the Hoya Staffing website.

How long does it take before someone gets back to me about a job I applied for on-line?

Due to the large volume of resumes that we receive, regrettably, we are unable to contact each candidate that applies for a position.

How will I know if the position to which I applied has been filled? 

Generally, if a position is still advertised on the website, the position is still open.

How long does the hiring process take? 

It varies by position depending on how urgently a position is needed or other priorities the hiring department may have.

Does Georgetown conduct background screening? 

Yes.  Commencing April 1, 2012, all applicants for Staff and AAP (Academic and Administrative Professional) positions must undergo a background check, which will include a Social Security Number trace/address locator and criminal history check.  Other positions may also be subject to a background check if required by local, state, or federal law or as requested by the hiring department (with the approval of Human Resources).

Individuals already employed by Georgetown University as of April 1, 2012, will not be subject to retroactive background checks, except (1) if applying for a promotion or transfer to a position for which a background check is required by local, state or federal law or, with the approval of HR, and the hiring department or as requested by the hiring department (with the approval of Human Resources), (2) if transferring from a temporary or special position that did not require a background check into a regular or term position or (3) as otherwise set forth in HR Policy 210, Background Checks.

For purposes of background checking, an employee whose relationship to the University is severed either through resignation or termination but not because of  an unpaid leave of absence and  who subsequently re-applies for employment, will be considered a new hire  and subject to the background check process.
In the event that the University has reason to believe that a University employee has engaged in criminal conduct, conduct that raises questions about his or her ability to execute the duties of the position, conduct that may pose a danger to others, or any other reason deemed sufficient by the University to warrant a background check, the University reserves the right to require the employee to satisfactorily complete a background check as a condition of continued employment.

Where are faculty positions advertised? 

Faculty positions are advertised by the individual departments. You may find faculty advertisements on a department’s website or in the Chronicle of Higher Education or other academic publications.

I will be coming into town and would like to schedule an interview with someone to discuss employment at Georgetown University. 

We do not conduct informational interviews. Please review and apply for open Staff and AAP (Academic and Administrative Professional) positions on our HR Jobsite.

Where can I find my salary information?

You can view your job, salary, and other personal information by logging into GMS.

My name has changed.  How do I update my HR record? 

Log into GMS.  Next to your name on the upper left side of the page click on Actions and then Personal Data, and follow the instructions.

I have a question about my paycheck.  Who should I contact? 

You should address the question to your supervisor. However, if the question is about deductions for benefits, you should review your current information in GMS or contact the Benefits office at benefitshelp@georgetown.edu. If the question is tax related, you can review your payroll information in GMS or call the Payroll Office at (202) 687-4418.

I am a faculty member and have a question related to my employment at Georgetown University.  If you are employed by Main Campus, contact the Office of the Provost. If you are employed by the Medical Center, contact the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs. If you are employed by the Law Center, contact the Law Center’s Payroll Office 202-662-9050.

Who is my Human Resources contact? 

Click here for an updated contact list.