Classification & Compensation Forms


Business Process Forms Required Applicable GMS Business Processes Notes
Create New Position Create Position  
Recruit for Vacancy Create Job Requisition   
Reclassify Position Edit Position Restrictions
Change Job
For use with the following Reason Codes:
  • Reclassification – Promotion
  • Reclassification – Lateral
  • Reclassification – Demotion
Salary Adjustment Request Base Compensation Change
Reason Codes:
  • Acquisition of New Skills or New Responsibilities, Internal Equity, Market Adjustment or Retention
For use with Reason Codes:
  • Acquisition of New Skills or New Responsibilities
  • Internal Equity
  • Market Adjustment
  • Retention
Additional Compensation Request Compensation Change > Allowance Plan>Acting Pay

Request Compensation Change > Allowance Plan>Additional Work

Allowance Plan Name: Administrative Stipend 1

For use with Reason Codes:
  • Acting Pay
  • Additional Work

Required language to be included in all position descriptions for: Department Financial Manager for Sponsored Projects