OD Services

Training and Organizational Development assists Georgetown University managers and staff in resolving everyday workplace issues, strategic planning, teambuilding, 360 degree feedback, and organizational analysis and design.

Often, managers need to explore new ideas for job or organizational design, discuss ways to motivate and inspire individuals, or discuss approaches to employee development issues. Departments and managers can contact Organizational Development for:

  • Advice and consultation regarding employee development issues,
  • Work unit analysis and design,
  • Specialized departmental training,
  • Advice and consultation in planning retreats and strategic planning sessions,
  • Referrals to external consultants.

For example, we work in concert with executive and managerial staff to plan and conduct strategic planning or teambuilding retreats, assess the need for coaching or counseling expertise, consider job/office redesign, or look at new ways to organize work.

For more information about these services, please email to hrtraindev@georgetown.edu