The HR Minute: Interviews

Meet Your HR Team

Samantha Decenord, Service and Program Coordinator FSAP & GUWellness

1. What is your job title?

Program and Service Coordinator of GU Wellness and FSAP

2. What exactly do you do in your position?

“I am the newest implant of the GU Wellness program, where I will utilize my expertise in curating wellness initiatives, and education of wellness principles to create community within faculty and staff. I am the liaison between the FSAP, GU Wellness, and HR Departments that will collaborate with existing partners to bring awareness of health and wellness through building accessible resources for communities to utilize.”

3. How do you serve the Georgetown community?

“My position allows me to serve Georgetown in the best way that I know how, and that is to use my creative direction to innovate fresh ways to cultivate community, and bring a sense of engagement to the department. I serve as an advocate of how community and health blends together. The Pandemic proved to us that having access to people that can provide resources for our wellbeing is super important, and my position –

allows me to serve as a resource for various segments of health. With this being a newly added position in the department, I have the autonomy to take initiative and find ways to fill in any gaps where there can be more inclusive and accessible ways for people to be aware of resources available to them.”

4. How long have you been at Georgetown University?

1 month.

5. Why did you choose to serve at GU?

“I chose to serve at GU because this institution seemed like the “right place at the right time.” I’m always finding ways to advance myself, personally, spiritually, and professionally, but I wanted to find a place where that is always at the core of its values. I’m at a space in my career where I want to settle down, and really make an impact in my position. GU not only has values that I am so happy to embody as an employee, but the opportunity to further my education. The faculty and staff are so diverse and welcoming, and it’s such a wonderful atmosphere to work in. Serving in Higher Ed was also really exciting for me, as I will always have the opportunity to serve, grow as a leader, and network with a lot of amazing people.”

6. What’s your hometown?

“I was born and raised in Wilmington, DE. I actually just relocated to DC once I found out that I would be working at GU.”

7. Educational Background

Samantha has a B.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in Pre Health Professional Careers.

8. What are three fun facts that the Georgetown community may not know about you?

“I’m left handed but I do everything but write with my right hand.”

“I love the sport of track and field, I ran for 8 years.”

“I take a trip for every birthday and I rep my horoscope sign like it’s a cult. (Cancer)”