Suspension of University Contributions to Defined Contribution Retirement Plan FAQ

Yes. However, you can choose to suspend or change this contribution if you wish. You can also choose to make additional contributions to your retirement through the Voluntary Contribution Retirement Plan.

The money in your Defined Contribution Retirement Plan account remains there until you retire or leave Georgetown.

Yes, you are able to change your investments at any time. Contact your retirement company (TIAA, Fidelity and/or Vanguard) for assistance.

You will be automatically enrolled in the Defined Contribution Retirement Plan with a 3% contribution. Any contributions that you have elected for the Voluntary Contribution Retirement Plan will end. If you’d like to continue contributing to the Voluntary Contribution Retirement Plan, or if you would like to change the level of your Defined Contribution Retirement Plan contribution, you may make that election in GMS.

The changes to retirement contributions will not apply to employees in Qatar and the UK.