Leadership Consultations

FSAP provides consultations to managers and supervisors on various workplace issues:

  • Personal problems of employees that interfere with job performance or attendance
  • Strategies for managing conflict between employees or work groups
  • Concern about workplace behavioral risks, including employee suicide or violence
  • Helping teams cope with a crisis or traumatic event
  • Suspected alcohol or drug abuse
  • Return-to-Work planning
  • Managing organizational change and transitions

Call 202-687-2409 or email us at to consult with an FSAP counselor.

Suggesting FSAP

Supervisors can informally suggest that employees take advantage of FSAP services to deal with personal difficulties that come to the supervisor’s attention. Informal referrals are voluntary and confidential.

Formal Supervisory Referral

A formal supervisory referral can be made due to an employee’s deteriorating job performance or as a part of a return-to-work plan after time off due to a formal suspension or extended leave of absence. Supervisors who wish to formally refer employees should contact FSAP first to discuss issues of confidentiality and the referral process.

Even in cases of formal supervisory referrals, FSAP is still a voluntary choice. Confidentiality is maintained as in a self-referral except that the employee will be asked to sign a release allowing FSAP to notify the supervisor that the employee kept the FSAP appointment and followed counselor recommendations. However, the nature of the problem and the details of the counseling session cannot be shared. 

Supervisor Training

FSAP offers Supervisor Trainings that not only provide details about our services and the referral process, but also give guidance on warning signs that an employee may need help and ways to approach a troubled employee. Contact our office for our training schedule.