Professional Development Fund

The Professional Development Fund program is currently on hold and not accepting applications.

Program Overview

The Professional Development Fund is money the University has reserved for the professional development of staff and Academic and Administrative Professionals (AAPs). The program will fund competitively awarded grants of up to $1,250 for individuals or up to $2,000 for groups. The granted funds may be used for professional development opportunities that are not covered by the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) or budgeted departmental funds.

Application Schedule

Grants will be awarded for professional development activities to be completed in the two halves of the fiscal year. The application timeline for each period is as follows:

  • Development activities between July 1 – December 31
    • March 2 – April 3: grant application period
    • May 15: notification of grant awards
  • Development activities between January 1 – June 30
    • August 1 – September 30: grant application period
    • December 1: notification of grant awards

Program Eligibility

To be eligible for a professional development grant, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • 2 years of continuous service in a regular or term position at Georgetown University at the start of the application period
  • Hold a staff or AAP position with at least 50% FTE
  • Be in good standing with Georgetown University, with no active disciplinary actions
  • Hold a position which does not fall into any of the following categories: faculty, professional librarian, temporary employee, cabinet level, Senior Level Executive or member of the President’s Executive Committee
  • Has not been a recipient of a Professional Development Fund grant within the preceeding 2 years

Application Process

Attach a completed a Proposal Overview and a current position description to the Professional Development Fund: Grant Application (available March 2, 2020).

(You will need to log in with your Georgetown University email address and password.)

Submit the application by the deadlines listed above.

All applications are reviewed by a selection committee consisting of members of the Staff/AAP Advisory Council and the Department of Human Resources.

Detailed information about eligibility and application requirements can be found on the frequently asked questions page.

Grant Usage

Granted funds may only be used for expenses that align with the applicants’ current roles, the functions of their current departments, or their overall career paths. Types of covered expenses include:

  • Travel expenses (excluding those directly related to a program for which the applicant is receiving TAP benefits)
  • Online workshops and webinars fees
  • Registration fees for conferences/seminars
  • Costs for certification/recertification (where departmental funding is not available)
  • Books and course materials for which TAP benefits are not being used (grants are not intended to supplement TAP benefits)
  • Expenses for group events including speaker fees, location rentals, or material costs