External Payrolled Contingent Employment

nextSource is Georgetown University’s partner for external payrolled contingent employment. nextSource will be engaged when the University outsources the employment and payroll of pre-identified or self-sourced temporary or contract labor.

Where Do I Start?

Once your department has identified a candidate for the position, complete the following steps:

  • Enter the request into the GMS system; receive the appropriate approvals, and obtain a PO number.
  • Upon receipt of the PO number, log into nextSource’s online system, Smart Track, to enter your Identified Candidate Request.
  • If you do not have access to the Smart Track system, contact nextSource’s Onsite Program Specialist (see below).
  • nextSource will then contact the candidate to initiate the on-boarding process.
  • nextSource will confirm the candidate’s start date once on-boarding is completed. 

nextSource Onsite Program Specialist

Candice Jenkins
Program Specialist
Phone: 202-400-2021 
Location: Financial Affairs, 2121 Wisconsin Avenue, NW

nextSource Support Group

Time Sheet, Billing & Payment Information

  • A purchase order number is required before an order for an identified candidate can be completed.
  • If you exceed the limit on the Purchase Order, a change order will be necessary.
  • Georgetown Time Sheet Approvers must approve submitted hours using the nextSource Smart Track system.
  • nextSource will submit invoices directly to the Georgetown University Accounts Payable Department. An invoice per PO will be created and sent for processing. Accounts Payable will pay nextSource.
  • If you require invoice details the nextSource Program Specialist can assist you with a system report.
  • Resources will be paid by nextSource on a weekly (hourly workers) or monthly (monthly paid workers).

Training Materials

Hiring Manager – Recorded Training Session

Manager Smart Track User Guide

Word Doc

Smart Track User Guide Hiring