External Payrolled Contingent Employment

nextSource is Georgetown University’s partner for external payrolled contingent employment. nextSource will be engaged when the University outsources the employment and payroll of pre-identified or self-sourced temporary or contract labor.

Where Do I Start?

Once your department has identified a candidate for the position, complete the following steps:

  • Enter the request into the GMS system; receive the appropriate approvals, and obtain a PO number.
  • Upon receipt of the PO number, log into nextSource’s online system, Smart Track, to enter your Identified Candidate Request.
  • If you do not have access to the Smart Track system, contact nextSource’s Onsite Program Specialist (see below).
  • nextSource will then contact the candidate to initiate the on-boarding process.
  • nextSource will confirm the candidate’s start date once on-boarding is completed. 

nextSource Onsite Program Specialist

Candice Jenkins
Program Specialist
Phone: 202-400-2021 
Email: cjenkins@nextsource.com
Location: Financial Affairs, 2121 Wisconsin Avenue, NW

nextSource Support Group

Time Sheet, Billing & Payment Information

1. A purchase order number is required before an order for an identified candidate can be completed.
2. If you exceed the limit on the Purchase Order, a change order will be necessary.
3. Georgetown Time Sheet Approvers must approve submitted hours using the nextSource Smart Track
4. nextSource will submit invoices directly to the Georgetown University Accounts Payable Department. An invoice per PO will be created and sent for processing. Accounts Payable will pay nextSource.
5. If you require invoice details the nextSource Program Specialist can assist you with a system report.
6. Resources will be paid by nextSource on a weekly (hourly workers) or monthly (monthly paid workers).

Training Materials

Hiring Manager - Recorded Training Session

Manager Smart Track User Guide

Word Doc
Smart Track User Guide Hiring