Meet Your HR Team

*Spirit Week Edition*

University Human Resources celebrated Spirit Week (October 31-November 4). We invite you to explore some of the week’s highlights and meet some members of your HR team. Celebrate Spirit Week with your own department and share the photos!

Spirit Week

October 31: Alphabet Day – dress in something that is associated with the first letter of your first name.

November 1: Fun Accessories Day – wear your favorite socks, hat, boa, etc.!

November 2: Vacation Day – put on sweatpants and slippers for a staycation or a Hawaiian shirt and sandals for a stroll on the beach. *HR provided mocktails in the conference room all day and emailed recipes to the staff to enjoy them at home*

November 3: Sports Day – have a favorite sports team? Wear your team’s shirt/jersey or hat.

November 4: Georgetown Pride Day – wrap up the week by wearing GU Colors.