Video: 2016 Human Resources Service Awards

Every year, Georgetown's Human Resources department recognizes GU employees who have been with the University for 20 years or more. In 2016, over 375 service awards were given to Georgetown employees for their dedication and commitment to the university.

The community and their colleagues thank all awardees for their continued and unparalleled efforts to making Georgetown University a great institution.

To watch a short video commemorating the 2016 HR Service Award winners, click here.

Below is a list of Georgetown employees who have worked at the University for 20 years or more. For the full list of winners, click here.

20 Years

First Name Last Name
William Anderson
Richard Ashley
Samuel Barnes
Deborah Bassard
Carlos Benitez
Jim Bratcher
Jose Chanchavac
Karen Dorschner
Donald Faw
Michael George
John Gooch
Ivan Gray
Joanna Groberg
Cleotide Johnson
Kanthi Kariyawasam
Susan Karp
Mario Matal
Penny Mendoza
Melinda Nash
Bereket Nigussie
Marc Peters
Walker Phiel
Magdalena Potocka
Brent Putnam
Ira Reeves
Jose Rosales
Valarie Simon
Genome Small Moore
Dominga Torres
Juan Turcio
Francisco Velasquez
Katherine Young

25 Years

First Name Last Name
Bayardo Alvarez
Jose Aviles
Hazel Brown
John Cook
Shiela Crawford
Deborah Critzer
Patricia Davis
Joyce Hickman
Patricia Hughes
Karen Lautman
Victoria Marquez
Colleen McGuire
Amy McNeil
George Montgomery
Laura Placenti
Edward Quinn
Laurent Ricks
Robert Scott
Marcia Suss

30 Years

First Name Last Name
Ronald Boyd
Manuel Corday
Roy Eddy
Chris Jordan
Mary Prahinski
Claudette Richardson
Francis Schemel

35 Years

First Name Last Name
Jacqueline Barnes
Elisabeth Crigler
Donna Deardorff
Rosemary Kilkenny
Gene Law
Mary Anne Mahin
Patrick McArdle
Mary Rashid
Ethel Smith

40 Years

First Name Last Name
William Carter
Clarice Lloyd
Stephen Moore