Hiring Managers

Please note that Hoya Staffing employees are not authorized to work from home.  Please talk with your HR Client Services Partner if you need to hire an employee to work from home or outside of the Metro DC area. 

How to Hire a Hoya Staffing Temporary Employee

Financial approval to hire a Hoya Staffing temporary employee has been built into the online Hoya Staffing Job Order form (new window). Use your NetID and password to login. For assistance, please email hoyatemps@georgetown.edu

When you submit the Job Order, it will be routed for approval to your GMS Finance Partner for Main Campus, Medical Center and Law Center or your GMS CFO for University Services. Once the job order has been approved, Hoya Staffing will be able to work on filling your request. See sample billing rates and fees for Hoya Staffing employees.

Important Information About Your Hoya Staffing Temp

Hours of Work

Hoya Staffing temporary employees are only paid for actual hours worked. Specific exceptions include:

  • Sick and Safe Leave – Hoya Staffing temporary employees are eligible to accrue paid Sick and Safe leave at the rate of one hour for every 30 hours worked. Leave Requests are approved by Hoya Staffing; Temporary employees must notify assignment supervisors, and Staffing Specialist ,  when they  are out sick or have a scheduled medidal procedure.  This leave time can also be used to tend to sick family members.
  • Holiday Pay – Hoya Staffing temporary employees are eligible to be paid for holidays when an official University holiday occurs, provided that they were regularly scheduled to work on the day that the holiday was observed, and that they worked their regularly scheduled days and hours before and after the holiday. Eligible holiday pay is paid by the department where the temporary employee is assigned.
  • Inclement Weather – Hoya Staffing temporary employees are eligible to be paid from their regular start time when the University’s operating status is “Delayed Arrival” if they arrive by the specified opening time and work the rest of their regularly scheduled hours. They are not eligible to be paid for days when the University is “Closed” unless they are required to work on those days. Please encourage your temporary employees to sign up for Hoya Alert to receive notifications of the University’s operating status.

Time Recording

Hoya Staffing temporary employees are required to complete two timesheets by 2:00 p.m. each Friday (temporary employees working weekend hours are required to submit both timesheets no later than 11:00 p.m. Sunday evening):

The departmental supervisor will receive an emailed copy of the Hoya Staffing timesheet when it is submitted by the temporary employee. Hoya Staffing will approve the GMS timesheet using the hours approved on the Hoya Staffing timesheet by the employee’s departmental supervisor.

Vehicle Operations

Hoya Staffing temporary employees must be approved before driving a University vehicle, their own vehicle, or any other vehicle on University business. Please let us know if your temporary job requires operating a vehicle so that we can have the employee complete the required forms.


Hoya Staffing temporary employees are not authorized to work remotely. Please let us know if your temporary position requires an employee to work outside of a University office.