Georgetown University’s commitment to developing and sustaining highly skilled, professional mangers springs from its Ignatian traditions, which inform our training programs and management practices. In keeping with this commitment, we take seriously our responsibility to assist newly hired or promoted managers in understanding Georgetown’s culture, policies, and practices.

Beginning with the Georgetown Management Orientation, our human capital is nourished, sustained, and energized to meet the needs of our complex and challenging work place. All newly hired or promoted managers are expected to attend GMO and complete the Essential Courses within their first year of employment. Invitations from the Vice President of Human Resources, Chief Human Resources Officer are extended to new managers shortly after their date of hire.

About GMO

The Georgetown Management Orientation Program is a one-day workshop targeted for newly hired or promoted managers that achieves the following learning objectives:

Identify the core management skills and competencies required for successful supervision at Georgetown,

Understand the following key concepts:

  • Georgetown Culture and Ignatian Traditions,
  • Working within Georgetown Policies and Processes,
  • Business Management at Georgetown,
  • Legal Considerations for Supervisors,
  • Ethics and Compliance, and
  • Performance Management.

Identify Georgetown resources to increase knowledge and understanding of the University’s best practices.

At the end of this one-day session, the participants enroll in the Essential Courses to further expand their knowledge about:

  • HR Policies and Procedures,
  • Practical and Legal Requirements for Managers,
  • Performance Management,

You may register on-line for classes marked “GMO Only” here. Please contact George Reese at if you have problems.

Comments from managers who have attended Georgetown Management Orientation:

  • Georgetown University is a complex organism that sometimes feels disjointed and decentralized, but having all the different departments attend made the University feel more cohesive. Thank You
  • I really appreciated meeting people in different departments and learning about the resource supports that are available to us as Georgetown Staff.
  • I wish I could have taken this course earlier. It was a great experience getting information from experienced presenters.
  • Sense that the mission means something here. I learned details on policies for various protected groups, harassment, fairness, who and how to follow up; financial constraints and reporting responsibilities; how to address employees fairly, directly, consistently.