Drug-Free Schools and Communities – Self Test

The following questions are important to consider in assessing your own use of alcohol and other drugs.  Answer yes or no to these questions, and then consider the information at the end of the quiz.


YES NO    
___   ___   1. Do you lose time from school or work because of drinking or using drugs?
___   ___   2. Do you drink or use dugs to lose shyness or build self-confidence?
___   ___   3. Do you frequently drink or use drugs just to get high?
___   ___   4. Is your drinking or use of drugs affecting your reputation?
___   ___   5. Do you drink or use drugs to escape from worries?
___   ___   6. Do you drink or use drugs  in order to go out on a date or to approach someone you find attractive?
___   ___   7. While drinking or using drugs, do you ever have sexual encounters that you later regret?
___   ___   8. Does your use of alcohol or other drugs cause financial problems?
___   ___   9. Do you associate with a different group when you drink or use drugs?
___   ___   10. Have you ever missed class or done poorly on an exam or assignment?
___   ___   11. Do you take risk while you are drinking or using drugs that you wouldn’t take otherwise?
___   ___   12. Are you preoccupied with drinking or using drugs, for example always thinking ahead to the next opportunity to use alcohol or other drugs?
___   ___   13. Have you ever had a loss of memory form drinking or using drugs?
___   ___   14. Has your  drinking or use of drugs ever gotten you into serious trouble with the  law, school authorities, etc.?
___   ___   15. Do you get annoyed or impatient with classes or lectures about drinking or using drugs?
___   ___   16. Is the content of this quiz getting on your nerves?

If you answer YES to more than two questions, it may be time to take a serious look at your drinking or drug use and the role this plays in your life.

This test was taken from Richard Wallace, Luther Seminary, 2481 Como Ave., St. Paul, MN 55108.