"New-to-You" Clothing Party

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Welcome to the “New to You” Clothing Party event. Please print the flier to get more information about the event or to share it with your colleagues. Details about the event are also posted on GU calendar.

What we started in 2009 at the Faculty & Staff Assistance Program, Dept. of Human Resources (FSAP-HR) as a response to economic stress in America has become an annual program.  Swapping is not a new idea; however, what is new is that it has caught on as a practical concept in economically tough times. What was traditionally confined to a store or perhaps to a few actors, like parents or college students, is now a mainstream reality. Individuals and a group of friends can organize swapping events in their homes, churches or a community center. There are many web sites; here is eHow offering tips on “how to” organize various swapping events.

Individuals and groups organizing swaps normally make it into a social event or a charity drive. What cannot be swapped is normally donated to charity. It is this empowering idea that an individual can not only benefit personally, but also bring a group of friends together or through charity impact the lives of people on a larger scale, which is different. The event becomes a wholesome experience.

The emotional benefits of socializing, helping each other and doing charity through one swapping event is extremely fulfilling. John Lehrer, author of”Proust Was A Neuroscientist” and “How We Decide” (Amazon has more info), and  contributing writer to The New Yorker, Seed, Nature, and the New York Times, says, “Charity is Social”. In his article, Charity is Social, he decribes how the frontal cortex in our brain responds to acts of charity which in turn reduces stress. 

It is not simply charity that is the goal though. The act of de-cluttering your closet; finally finding the heart to get rid of what you do not use, and perhaps losing it to someone who thinks “they have found their treasure” is all a part of the overall healthy liefstyle that is being lauded through various wellness programs at GU and elsewhere. In keeping with the traditions of mental health and wellness, FSAP-HR, hosts the”New-to-You” Clothing Party, an all-day clothing swap event, to bring together GU community in picking and choosing, giving and taking of clothing. We try to make it easy on our members by eliminating the trade-in component of swap; this makes it easy for people to shop at our event without having to give something in return.

We encourage you to consider such events in your departments and offices, among your family and friends or in your neighborhood. Let us know how it goes!

If you have any questions about the event contact Eileen Fenrich fenriche@georgetown.edu or 7-1758.