Intervention and Coverage

Time that an employee spends with the FSAP counselor during the employee’s normal work hours is considered work time. 

Most FSAP participants who are referred to other resources receive assistance after normal working hours. In some cases this may not be possible. The FSAP will work with the employee to determine the best possible arrangement. 

Some FSAP participants may require sick leave or short-term disability, as permitted by University policy. When employees return to the job, they may find it very difficult to relate to fellow employees, and to you. Your FSAP counselor can discuss situations of this type with you, and help you ease the apprehension of returning employees. 

Remember that every case is different. Improvement may take place rapidly for some and very slowly for others. As before, you will be looking for patterns, not single events. 


Intervention requires planning and practice with family members, friends, employees, etc. It is a highly effective method for getting the alcohol/drug user into treatment. 

Each person relates specific occasions when the alcohol/drug user caused them humiliation, anger, fear, hardship, etc. When confronted in this way, it is difficult for the drug user to maintain denial. 

  1. A professionally trained counselor must be present.
  2. A detailed preparation by all those participating (except the user) prior to the intervention.
  3. Two hours to a full day is typical for an intervention.
  4. Make no accusations, show no anger, try to confront in a loving way.
  5. Have a treatment plan completed before the intervention (whether it be outpatient or inpatient).
Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage for drug treatment services are available through insurance offered at Georgetown University. There are differences between the Kaiser Permanente and the Georgetown University Health Plan with regard to substance abuse treatment coverage. There are choices between outpatient vs. inpatient. The FSAP counselor has detailed information on the area treatment centers and has worked out fee arrangements for our employees with specific centers.