Elder Care

Caring for an Elder and the Caregiver

Being a caregiver of an elderly person can be very stressful. Join us for a discussion about how to best care for your elderly loved one and at the same time take care of yourself. Learn how to assess what your elderly loved one needs most and how to be of most help to him or her. Learn ways to balance your role as a caregiver and that of a spouse, partner, employee, or family member or friend. Self care will be reviewed along with strategies to prevent feeling overwhelmed and burned-out. Find out if you have a difficult parent.

Health Concerns Elders Face

This session will focus on the common concerns of the elderly. Come learn what physical, mental and emotional concerns they confront. Gain an understanding of what elders typically face with regard to their health and wellbeing. Learn what common illnesses and ailments elders face along with prevention, treatment and medications used. Resources will also be provided for participants to get further specific information.

Legal Issues & Wills and Estate

This session will cover legal documents and care plans that should be in place for the elder you are caring for. It is recommended that every adult have a power of attorney, a living will or medical directive. Come learn what these documents are and why it is important to have them in place. Legal issues also include wills, trusts, probate and financial information.

Care Giving Options

Join us for a panel discussion between representatives from home health care, nursing home, and assisted living who will offer information on “what to consider” when choosing housing and living arrangements for your loved ones. Briefly, the panel discussion will also include financial and logistical implications of long-term care. The panel will be selected carefully from local DC Metro area services.

End of Life Care

As difficult a choice as it is when your elder is dying, it is important to discuss the end of life options. In this last session we will have a representative from a local hospice who will inform and address end of life issues. The session will cover not only the emotional concerns of the process, but also the financial and logistical implications of this final stage of life.