Checklist for Hiring Managers When Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring

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1.       Email to consult with Human Resources on advertising resources. In addition to some no‐cost resources they can provide discounted job postings and information on diversity advertising resources.

2.       Ensure the position description is updated and accurate, and share with applicants.

3.       Develop standard phone pre‐screening questions and interview questions. Ask all applicants the same questions. Contact your HR Client Services Partner/Director for examples if needed.

4.       Ensure questions are legal. Please refer to the Interview Questions and Inquiry Guide.

5.       Read the completed application in GMS before starting the interview. 

6.       At the interview make sure to tell all candidates that the university conducts pre‐employment screening, which includes a criminal background check. The university utilizes an on line system which will require a valid email address. All offers of employment are conditional, based on satisfactory completion of the pre‐employment background check process.

7.       Check two professional references for finalists, including internal applicants. For Reference Checking guidelines and forms can be found on the HR and Payroll Forms page, under the Recruiting section.

8.      Make sure you consult with Human Resources about former employees and/or internal applicants. Human Resources can provide information about whether the applicant has been the recipient of any active disciplinary action, and can provide a copy of the most recent performance appraisal if on file.

9.       Consult with your HR Client Services Partner/Director (in addition to your Budget Office) on salary offers prior to communicating them to the candidate. Ensure that your HR Contact or designee has entered a verbally accepted salary offer into GMS. 

10.   Use the university’s standard offer letter template when extending offers. The templates contains important language about classification, benefits, probation, orientations and background checking that must be part of any offer letter. Offer Letter Templates can be found on the Forms page. 

11.    All candidates must be dispositioned in GMS and the Job Requisition must be closed at the conclusion of the search. Get in touch with your HR Contact for any questions about this process.

12.    Notify unsuccessful candidates who were interviewed that they were not selected. Contact your HR Client Services Partner/ Director for “rejection letter” templates.

13.    Contact your HR Client Services Partner/Director, if you have additional questions on the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process.