Announcement: Electronic I-9 Form Goes Live!

Today the electronic I-9 Form has gone live in GMS for use by Staff, AAP and Student employees.  Federal law requires that all employees verify their identity and eligibility to work in the United States by completing the I-9 Form within 3 business days of hire. Employees who are updating their work authorization documents must also complete the re-verify process though the I-9 form.

The Electronic I-9 process is initiated through the Administrative or Student worker’s GMS onboading tasks and requires that the Hire transaction for the worker be completed in GMS before the Electronic I-9 can be initiated.  Please refer to the New Hire Payroll Calendar ( for deadlines to process and onboard new hires. 

Although the Electronic I-9 is not part of the onboarding process for Faculty, the form can be completed by all workers in GMS (please refer to the Electronic I-9 job aid for details).  Newly hired Faculty will be able to complete the I-9 Form both electronically and via paper form.

The electronic form through GMS will provide greater efficiency in our new-hire onboarding process by ensuring usage of the most current I-9 Form, enabling digital record keeping, improving reporting, and maintaining privacy of personal information.  Section 1 of the I-9 Form will be prepopulated with information from the employee’s background check (please see the Job Aid for more details on the business process in GMS).  New hires will be instructed on the completion of the form through email alerts during their onboarding process; and hiring managers will receive emails advising them of the employee’s I-9 completion status. Additionally, new offer letter templates are being updated to reflect the new procedure.

The visual inspection of I-9 identification documents is not changing. Human Resources Contacts and the I-9 Analyst for Main Campus will still be responsible for reviewing documents presented by employees and entering the information into GMS. A copy of the identification documents will also be scanned in GMS.  

Please remember, the U.S. Citizen and immigration Service (USCIS) requires employees to present their original, unexpired documents from the List of Acceptable Documents, in person within 3 business days of hire.  Failure to complete this process will result in the employee being removed from payroll.

For questions regarding the GMS process for electronic I-9s, please email

For questions regarding the I-9 Form or acceptable documents, please email