Emergency Labor Pool (ELP) – FAQs

What is the purpose of the Emergency Labor Pool (ELP)?  The University has created the ELP as part of its emergency response planning. This pool will allow the University to reassign existing employees to ensure that essential functions are filled without an impact to departmental budgets.

How do I enroll in HOYAlert, the University?s emergency notification system?  Using your NetID, you can log into Access+ enroll.  Please call the UIS help desk at 7-4949 if you do not know your NetID.

I am an employee.  How do I sign up for the ELP?  You must talk with your supervisor before registering.  Your supervisor will have to make the determination as to whether your work time during an emergency is best utilized within your current department or whether all or some of your work time can be made available to the ELP. Once you have your supervisor’s approval, you can register.

Why do I need my supervisor’s approval before registering?  Your supervisor has to determine whether or not some or all of the work you normally perform can be deferred during an emergency and/or whether you are needed to be reassigned within your own department.  The University must follow all laws requiring pay for time worked. If the hours worked by an hourly paid employee are not managed, the department and the University may incur additional unplanned straight or overtime costs.  Additionally, the University wants to ensure that employees’ hours worked are managed in order to avoid situations where an employee is overtired and/or exhausted. 

I am a supervisor.  What are the guidelines I should follow in determining whether or not to refer employees for the ELP or grant approval to employees who request to register for the ELP?  You should first determine whether the employees fills an essential function in your department during the emergency situation and/or whether the employee will be needed to back up another employee within your department.  An employee can register for all or part of his/her normal work week.  A supervisor should provide guidance to an employee as to whether s/he is able to let them work for another department for all or part of their regular work week.  In an emergency, supervisors should consider whether the work of their department can be deferred in order to staff unplanned needs of the University to respond to the emergency.

Who is responsible for paying an employee’s salary when the employee is reassigned?  The employee’s regular department is responsible for paying the employee for hours worked whether in their own department or a department to which the employee is reassigned. The ELP will utilize an online time sheet to track the employee’s hours on their reassignment that will be emailed to the employee’s regular supervisor.

I am a salaried employee. Am I still required to get my supervisor’s approval if I wish to volunteer to work outside of my normal work hours?  Also, will I receive comp time if I am approved and work outside of my normal work hours?  At this time, we are attempting to assign employees to work in another department within the same work week as the employee normally works.  Since the intent is to not have employees work outside their normal number of scheduled hours, there is no plan for comp time.

How will I be contacted if I register?  You will only be contacted if you are selected for a reassignment. If you are selected you will be contacted either by email or phone by Hoya Staffing.  For large scale activation of the ELP, you may be contacted via HOYAlert.

How do I know if I am authorized to drive?  You can check the list of authorized drivers that is maintained by the Office of Risk Management.

I have been reassigned to another department, but I am ill. Who should I contact?  Please contact Hoya Staffing as soon as possible at 202-687-2530, along with your departmental supervisor.  Hoya Staffing will be responsible for contacting the department where you have been reassigned and finding a replacement as needed.  Approval for time off for illness rests with your departmental supervisor, so you must follow your department’s normal call in procedures.

I am a supervisor.  How do I request assistance for my department?  If an emergency is declared, a link to the job order form will be made available in the following locations:

Preparedness Website

University Safety Website

HR Website