Welcome From the Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Our Mission

The Department of Human Resources is committed to upholding Georgetown University’s reputation as a global leader in academics and research.

We take a proactive role in creating an environment that respects the whole person. As a strategic partner with the University community, we offer exemplary service and implement innovative solutions that enable the University to attract, retain, develop and reward a diverse, world-class workforce and empower employees to maximize their potential.

Recruitment and Employment

  • Provides assistance to hiring managers and job seekers in all areas of recruitment and employment, and;
  • Ensures jobs are posted professionally and timely.
  • Ensures compliance with I-9 Forms and completes the eVerify process
  • Creates an effective and streamlined recruiting and hiring process
  • Conducts New Employee Orientation

Compensation and Classification

Department functions include:

  • Classifying all Staff and Academic & Adminstrative Professionals (AAP) positions
  • Creating and implementing a revised, market-based, compensation and classification system

GMS Transaction Processing

The GMS Transaction Processing department ensures that GMS HR transactions are processed not only with a high degree of accuracy, but also in a timely manner.

Hoya Staffing

Hoya Staffing provides temporary employees for various departmental functions across Georgetown University including:

  • Administrative;
  • Communications;
  • Finance;
  • Human Resources;
  • Information Technology;
  • Research
  • and more.

Additionally, Hoya Staffing provides discounted Recruitment Advertising services to departments.

HRIS Systems and Training

This department oversees all HRIS processes, systems, and reporting.

The HR Client Services team is a strategic partner to various Georgetown University divisions and campuses.

The team is comprised of Client Services Partners (CSP) that are a focal point of contact for those divisions and campuses.

Each CSP:

  1. helps to identify specific human resources needs and goals for a division;
  2. delves into each aspect of that division’s needs; and,
  3. works to develop a solution that comprehensively addresses those needs.
    • In turn, this process helps a division reach its goals.

The Client Services model allows the team to:

  • ensure that all human resources needs meet business objectives;
  • make sure they work closely with, and are constantly connected to, each division and campus to address their needs, and;
  • work closely with each other to benefit all of Georgetown University.

The team manages complex human resource strategic consultative services. Services cover a broad range of functions, including:

  • employment;
  • policy development;
  • employee relations and labor relations;
  • organizational development; and,
  • training and compensation.

If you have any questions or concerns involving a specific area of the university, contact your respective CSP

The Hoya Kids Learning Center is an on-site child development and preschool facility that has cared for children of students, faculty, and staff of Georgetown University since opening its doors in 1997. Hoya Kids is a key component of the University’s commitment to weave family needs into the fabric of the University community and its educational mission. The Center provides crucial support for Georgetown personnel to better balance work and family responsibilities.

With an enrollment age range of 18 months to five years old, Hoya Kids provides high-quality, developmentally-appropriate instruction and high-quality of care to all enrolled children. There are three levels of classroom instruction, and the age of the child determines which class they would be placed in.

Some of the core goals of the center include:

  • providing a safe and nurturing environment;
  • encouraging the development of a positive self-image for each child;
  • making learning fun, so children will develop a love of books and desire to be lifelong learners;
  • encouraging children to learn how to interact successfully with other children and adults, and how to live together in a cooperative environment; and
  • forming a cooperative partnership with parents, so the staff and parents can work together to meet the needs of the child.

Hoya Kids views curriculum as everything that happens during our time spent with children, and believes that children construct their own knowledge; teachers facilitate that process with guidance and support. The teacher’s role in our classrooms is being a collaborative learner and to arrange the learning environment to encourage choices and allowing the children to work independently. Teachers also spend a great deal of time observing the children during their play, in turn planning activities that extend the interests of the children.

Hoya Kids instructors also recognize there are times when a more direct instruction approach is needed; but, teachers more commonly engage the children in exploration and discovery. In addition, they look for ways to extend thinking and learning possibilities with child-initiated activities. Posing problems, asking questions, and providing information and materials are introduced to enable each child to consolidate learning and move to the next level of functioning.

The Center provides the highest quality child care possible and ensures an optimal environment for each child.


Poulton Hall G-105
3624 P Street NW (less than two blocks from the main entrance of the university)

For more information about Hoya Kids, click here or call (202) 687-7667.

The University’s Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) provides free, confidential short-term counseling, assessment, and referral services to Georgetown employees and their immediate families. FSAP also conducts workshops on a variety of psychosocial topics as well as supervisor trainings for dealing effectively with troubled employees.

FSAP can help connect employees to helpful Georgetown resources for a variety of concerns. We also provide referrals to community mental health and other resources. For more information, visit FSAP’s site.


We are located at 1300-A 36th Street NW, at the corner of 36th and N Streets NW in the yellow townhouse with a black door.

Employee Relations and Engagement staff members provide consultation and advice to University management, employees and designated representatives on employee and labor relations issues. Staff in this area:

  • Interpret University policies and procedures, collective bargaining agreements, and applicable statutes and regulations;
  • Identify approaches for effective supervision, performance management and corrective action;
  • Provide support for and train managers in complaint resolutions and conflict management;
  • Represent the University in collective bargaining for new and existing contracts.

“Everyone grows physically, and that’s something we can’t control. We grow intellectually through life experience and our jobs. I am here to help you grow spiritually. Georgetown University is a Catholic Jesuit institution that believes in enriching every aspect of your life” – Francis Schemel, S.J.

Francis Schemel, S.J. serves the staff by listening, counseling and advising both individuals and groups. Discussing personal, professional, and spiritual issues with Father Schemel is private and confidential.

For Spiritual exercises, individual direction and spiritual consultation, Father Schemel is available at:

Office: 2115 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite 603

Phone: extension 71325