2024 Human Resources Service Awards

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Every year at the Service Awards Ceremony Georgetown’s Human Resources department recognizes GU employees who have been with the University for 20 years or more. This year, 2024, service awards will be presented to Georgetown employees in recognition of their dedication and commitment to the university’s mission and values.

The community and their colleagues thank all awardees for their continued and unparalleled efforts to making Georgetown University a great institution.

Below is a list of 101 Georgetown employees who have worked at the University for 20 years or more. You can watch a video created by the University to commemorate these employees. Additionally, a full list of recipients (service years 5 to 45) is available.

45 Years of Service

Main Campus
Jean M Daly

University Services
Alfred P Johnson
Charles F Leonhardt

40 Years of Service

Medical Center
Mary E Schmiedel

University Services
Valrie May Gordon-Campbell
Marjorie M McKenzie

35 Years of Service

Law Center
Lauren B Dubin

Main Campus
Theresa E Torres
Valerie A Youmans

Medical Center
Donna T Harris

University Services
Lois A Banson
Lindberg Barrett
Gregory D Burton
Donna J Copeland*
Mengistu Dessalgne
Judith Rodriguez
Beverly J Sangster
Kevin G Sherman
Getu R Woldemariam


30 Years of Service

Law Center
Virgial A Wheeler

Main Campus
Leslie A Byers

Medical Center
Irma M Frank
Mariam S Kherbouch
David L Taylor*

University Services
Alem Abadi
Anthony Joseph Allen
A Christian Enochs
Dorothy M Lewis
Lawrence H Smith
Thomas J Wilson


25 Years of Service

Law Center
Bobby Lee Powell
Karen Rocabado
Jelethia T Williams

Main Campus
Jaime Briseno
Robert A Brokaw
Bernard J Cook
Lisa M Cook
Michelle Damare
Brasilia X Figueroa
Trey Harris
Geraldine D Hart
Tabotu Lemlem
Vanessa Marie Meyers
Janet Deloris Norton
Richard A Pike
Christina M Ruby

Medical Center
Kenya Takeesh Carter
Marjaneh N Mobini

University Services
Silvana Alcocer
Dancia D Broadie
Christopher Davis
Lisa Krim
Elisa Marie Morsch
Victoria S Pickett
Raphael D Terranus
Sheila Hooks Thompson
Sandro M Zambrana

20 Years of Service

Law Center
David A Dennison
Chris Hall (24 years)
Amy S Mattock
Denae M Newman
Anna Selden (24 years)

Main Campus
John J Brosnihan
Cristal L Clark
Elizabeth Greenfeld (22 years)
Julie Y Ito
Ercheng Li
Gregory F Lostroski
Matt R Maples
Anna Maria Mayda
Julia Elizabeth Walsh McMurtry

Medical Center
Andrea Pastierova Cammack
David S Goerlitz
Carol A Herod
Terry Jeffs
Edward R Ramos
Maria P Salinas
Ruel Hector R Tiongson
Johnny Victor Toma
Fannie Cruz Walton
Xie Wu
Soumia Yesraoui

University Services
Vartan Akchyan
Keith A Alston
Ayeshetu Amadu
Marvin Ronney Atteck
John Borelli
Robert M Calhoun
Stephanie Coachman
Ernest Crentsil
Fassil M Gebretsadik
Meyoka Liben Geresu
Stephanie J Lynch
Jose A Merino
Johnnie M Newman
Moises Reyes
Ray Shiu
Marc Jeffrey Smith
Natalie D Smith
Aster R Woldemariam
Joseph A Yohe