How to Create and Post a Vacancy

New, Revised or Replacement

In general, the steps for Creating and Posting a Vacancy are below. Please contact your HR Client Services Partner  for the details of this process for your campus.

  1. The department will complete a Position Justification Form, PD Form and Position Budget and Classification Form. This form can be found on the HR Forms page.
  2. The department submits the forms to Human Resources/their CSP (see your CSP for details for your campus). 
  3. CSP will review the completed form and send to Compensation & Classification for review and completion.
  4. Compensation & Classification reviews and completes the forms.
  5. Human Resources returns the completed forms to the department. 
  6. The department then initiates either a) the Create Position Process in GMS (for new positions) followed by a Create Job Requisition for the newly created position, or b) a Create Job Requisition Process (for replacement positions). 
  7. Once the processes are approved in GMS, the initiator of the Job Requisition will receive an inbox item in GMS to post the job to the appropriate Career Site (internal, external or both).

Questions concerning this process can be directed to your HR Client Services Partner.