Georgetown University's commitment to developing and sustaining highly skilled, professional managers and leaders springs from its distinguished track record of educating the nation's most influential leaders in politics, education, government, and business. In keeping with this commitment, the University Training staff takes seriously our responsibility to assist the staff and faculty in realizing their management and leadership goals.

Through the Professional Manager Certificate Program, our human capital is nourished, sustained, and energized to meet the needs of our complex and challenging work place.

Georgetown University's Professional Manager Certificate Program will enable you to:

  • Take advantage of your strengths and address the areas you need to improve.
  • Expand your concept of leadership and expand your spheres of influence to make you more effective in your career.
  • Network with top level instructors and colleagues to improve your understanding and skills.

The course offerings in these areas are taught by experts; top notch instructors we've recruited nationally to offer you the best possible classes.  Please see Trainer Profiles to view brief biographies of our trainers. 

University Training and Organizational Development is here to help you grow and develop as a manager and leader at Georgetown. You may take any of the courses in this brochure, and consider it a first step toward becoming a great leader.

How the Certificate Program Works

To complete the Certificate Program, you must:

  • Attend the five required courses.  The required courses are: Fundamentals of Leadership, The Courageous Follower, Practical and Legal Considerations for Managers, Human Resources Policies and Procedures, and Preventing Workplace Harassment. 
  • Practical and Legal Considerations for Managers and Human Resources Policies and Procedures are not required for Medstar employees. 
  • Required courses are not prerequisites and may be taken at any time during the course of your program.
  • Complete 60 elective units (approximately 10 full days of training)

The University Training and Development staff are here to assist you in assessing your current skills, identifying your current and future needs, and developing a specific, measurable, and achievable plan to enrich your career. Please consider enrolling in the Professional Manager Certificate Program ? or any of the courses individually ? and make an investment in your future!

The Certificate Program is designed for supervisors, managers, new directors and staff interested in acquiring and improving their leadership and management skills. In addition, supervisors, managers, or directors at the Georgetown University Hospital may also enroll in the Professional Manager Certificate Program.


Georgetown University Departments will be charged a $250 enrollment fee for each employee who registers for the PMCP. PMCP registrants may take required courses and up to 60 elective credits and at no additional charge. The cost of courses for employees who are not PCMP registrants is $25 per course attended, charged to the department. If the registered employee does not show up on the day of the class, without prior notification (no show/no call), the department will be charged a $50 fee in addition to any other fees associated with the class. 

Georgetown University Hospital Departments will be charged a $500 enrollment fee for each person paid by the Hospital.  Participants attend up to the 60 elective credits and required courses at no additional charge. Participants who work at the Hospital may not enroll in the Operational Training courses because they cover the processes and procedures used by the University. All courses listed in the Leadership and Professional Development sections of this catalogue are appropriate for Hospital employees.

To register for the Professional Manager Certification Program, please send an email to

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