Redeploy Georgetown: COVID-19 Response – Employee Resource Page

Employee Participation

Redeployed employees are critical to Georgetown University’s ability to fulfill its academic mission and promise. Care Navigators, Line Rushers, Public Health Ambassadors, Public Health Screeners, Runners, and Visitor Check-in staff are essential to the university’s ability to protect the health and safety of members of our community, ensure academic continuity and fulfill our educational and research missions, and protect the livelihoods of members of the Georgetown community.

Employee Resources

Redeployed employees must familiarize themselves with new procedures, manage their time and work in novel ways, and ensure they are nurturing their personal wellness. There are a number of available resources to assist you in making your redeployment a successful experience.

Program Policies and Procedures:
The policies and procedures page offers an overview of the expectations of employees in the Redeploy Georgetown program as well as detailed FAQ addressing general program policies as well as detailed logistical information for those employees working on campus.

All redeploy participants who work on campus receive free parking, free meals, regular COVID-19 testing, and personal protective equipment. The university has also established a fund for professional development.

Please feel free to contact with any questions about the program or your assignment. Redeployed employees are encouraged to contact assignment managers with any questions.

Human Resources Client Services:
The experienced professionals on the HR Client Services team are always available as resources for employees. Client Services Partners can assist redeployed employees address any individual challenges or difficulties managing the concurrent expectations of their primary positions and redeploy assignments.

You can find further details and contact information on the Client Services page.

Professional Development Courses:
Employees also have access to a variety of self-directed learning opportunities through the university’s partnership with LinkedIn Learning.

Many redeploy employees are balancing work for their primary positions and their redeploy assignments. There are several courses that will help you hone the skills necessary to successfully navigate your redeployment.

Wellness Resources:
Georgetown also offers access to various programs designed to assist employees maintain their mental health during these challenging times.

View a number of virtual wellness opportunities and resources available.

GU Wellness

FSAP provides free, confidential counseling, consultation, and educational services to faculty, staff and their immediate family members.

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program

Mindset is a virtual therapy and coaching resources offered by One Medical for all U.S.-based benefits eligible employees.

One Medical Mindset

Redeploy Georgetown Professional Development Fund

Program Overview
The Professional Development Fund for Redeploy is funding the University has reserved for the professional development of staff assigned in the Redeploy Georgetown Program.

The program will fund grants of up to $500 for individuals. The granted funds may be used for professional development opportunities that are not covered by the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) or budgeted departmental funds.

Program Eligibility:

To be eligible for a professional development fund grant, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Employees who have received a Redeploy Georgetown program assignment
  • Program participants in good standing with Georgetown University, with no active disciplinary actions

Application Process:

Applications can be submitted at any time between now and December 31, 2021 for employees actively participating in the Redeploy Georgetown Program during the Spring 2021 semester or held a Redeploy assignment during the Fall 2020 semester. Grant requests will be reviewed by the Department of Human Resources and awarded biweekly. Grant funding is reserved for professional development activities to be completed by June 30, 2022.

Applicants should complete an application which requires emploiyee and position details as we well as an explanation of how you intend to use the professional development funds.

Please note: you will need to log in with your Georgetown University email address and password to submit a grant application.

Grant Usage

Granted funds may only be used for professional development expenses. Types of covered expenses include:

  • Online workshops and webinars fees
  • Registration fees for conferences/seminars
  • Costs for certification/recertification 
  • Books and course materials for which TAP benefits are not being used (grants are not intended to supplement TAP benefits)
  • Expenses for group events including speaker fees, location rentals, or material costs