Professional Conduct Working Group

Professionalism Reporting

Where can I report a concern about professionalism and/or bullying?

If there are safety concerns,

For immediate assistance please contact: 


(202) 687-4343

GU Law Campus Police Department

(202) 662-9325

National Emergency Number


If it is not an emergency, but you feel that there is a threat or safety concern, call (202) 687-4343 and ask for the Threat Assessment Director or email the Threat Assessment Team at 

If the concerns do not involve safety, options include:

Notify supervisor or department head

Contact your Client Service Partner in HR

Client Services

Submit an HR Helpdesk ticket

Submit a Ticket

Contact your Faculty Affairs resource in your EVP office


File a discrimination complaint

File a complaint

Bias Reporting System

Submit a bias-related incident report

Submit a report

File a complaint online with the Georgetown
Compliance Helpline or call 888-239-9181

(Ability to provide information anonymously, if desired)

Are there other additional resources available to me to support me as I decide whether to report a concern about professionalism and/or bullying?