Performance Management


Performance Management is the continuous process of identifying, measuring, and developing employee skills and performance.

The Department of Human Resources is committed to designing Performance Management processes that foster an environment in which managers and employees can regularly communicate about departmental and individual goals and accomplishments in service of creating a culture of engagement, accountability, and excellence.

Goals allow employees and managers to establish clear expectations and objectives for a performance review period. They create a context and structure for having an ongoing dialogue about work performance and achievements.

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Creating SMART Goals
Creating/Updating Goals in GMS (handout)
Creating/Updating Goals in GMS (video)

Employees in the Office Advancement should email with any questions about mid-year performance reviews.

Mid-year evaluations offer an opportunity for managers to assess an employee’s progress towards the achievement of goals after the first half of the performance review cycle. The mid-year review is a simplified template that enables managers and employees to review and update their individual goals as well as make an overall assessment of employee performance during the period.
There are only two sections in the mid-year review: Goals and Overall Rating. The Overall rating has also been simplified to include four categories: Exceptional, Successful, Improvement Needed, Not Meeting Expectations. The Performance Management Terms and Tools document has a full definition for each of these assessments.

Any mid-years reviews that have been initiated in GMS will be canceled on December 16 if they are not complete.

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Initiate FY20 Mid-Year Performance Review (Managers Only)
Performance Management Terms and Tools
STAR: Giving and Receiving Feedback
Creating SMART Goals
Managing Goals in GMS