• New Employee Orientation*.

    The Department of Human Resources and the Office of Faculty and Staff Benefits deliver an integrated orientation that welcomes new staff to the Hilltop. Attendees learn about Georgetown University's mission, culture, workplace policies and resources, as well as important information about their benefits and how to enroll in them.

    Orientation sessions are held every other Monday to coincide with the New Hire Payroll calendar. New employees will receive an email directly from Human Resources scheduling them for this event. If you do not receive an invitation, send an email to hrtraindev@georgetown.edu.

    Benefits will continue to offer in-person and online orientation as well as one-on-one consultations outside of the New Employee Orientation experience. Please contact the Office of Faculty and Staff Benefits to schedule a consultation.

    Benefits orientations are also held each month on the Law Center Campus. Contact the HR/Benefits/Payroll Service Center at 202-687-2500 to learn more.

* For staff/AAP only. Also not applicable for graduate student stipend recipients.

Other Helpful Information

Facilities: For requests or non-urgent repairs to your office, submit a service request form found at

Telephone: Your office contact will arrange your phone set-up with our Telecom Office.  Some telephone tips:    

  • If you’re on Main Campus or Medical Center
    • On Campus Calls: Dial 7 + the last four digits of the number
    • Off- Campus Calls (including the Law Center): Dial 9 + the number
  • If you’re at the Law Center
    • Law Center Campus Calls: Dial the last four digits of the number from any campus phone.
    • Main Campus Calls: Dial 8 + 687 + the four-digit extension.
    • Local Calls: Dial 8 + the number

University Directory: Go to contact.georgetown.edu to confirm your information is correct. The information listed should include your name, title, NetID, office phone number, email address and office location. For step-by-step instructions on how to modify your personal information go to the Employees Section of the GMS website or ask your office contact for instructions on how to make the changes in GMS.
Note – only Department Administrators or HR Contacts can make changes to position or Work Contact information.

University Information Services (UIS) 
View the various services UIS has to offer, along with how to connect to wifi, how to get in touch with the 24/7 Service Center, printing options and much more.

Relocation Resources

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