Starting immediately, a new hiring process flow will be put in place for faculty, staff and students. These changes will impact 1) new employee start dates and 2) deadlines for hiring documentation.

New Hire Payroll Calendar has been created to help guide you through important dates and deadlines.

New Hire Start Dates

In FY18, new hire start dates must coincide with the first day of a pay period. The exception being for student workers who are being hired at the beginning of the academic year. For students hired during this busy time, two additional start dates have been added. These dates are indicated in the New Hire Payroll Calendar and highlighted in blue.

Deadlines for Completing & Submitting Hiring Documentation

New deadlines for new hire GMS process, approvals and related documentation are now clearly stated in the New Hire Payroll Calendar. Most of these must be completed in advance of the new employee's start date.

Please be aware that the first deadline to initiate a Hire for bi-weekly positions is June 7th and June 16th for monthly positions.

To help illustrate these changes, here's an example:

Julie has been offered a new administrator role. Although she's able to start on July 24, her supervisor and hiring manager choose July 31 because that is the start of a pay period.

In order to have Julie hired and in the system for her first day, her department must have the hiring documentation submitted to their HRC no later than July 17. That's two weeks before the start date.

By the following week, July 26, the Hire Process must be completed in GMS. Five days prior to the start date!

On Julie's first day, July 31, but no later than August 3, she must have completed her I-9 and those documents must uploaded to GMS.

To recap:

  • Start date is the beginning of a pay period 
  • Hiring Documentation submitted two weeks prior to start date
  • Hire process is complete in GMS at least five days prior to start date
  • I-9 documents completed and uploaded to GMS no later than three days after start date

Can these tasks be completed earlier? Absolutely!

If you have questions please contact the Human Resources help desk at 202-687-2500.  We hope that by clarifying and escalating these important hiring deadlines that we will provide a smoother onboarding experience for our new faculty and staff. Thank you for your partnership as we continue to streamline and improve our processes.


Brenda Richardson Malone
Vice President for Human Resources

Charles DeSantis
Associate Vice President, Benefits, Payroll & Wellness
Chief Benefits Officer