Campus Human Resources Contacts

Main Campus

HRC(s) Departments

Daunett Hemmings

McDonough School of Business

Allison Adcock-Melgosa

Mei-ling Klein

School of Foreign Service (SFS)

Alexandre de Campos Salles

Kit Mahoney
Sasha Urena

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Sophia Lattibeaudiere

School of Continuing Studies (SCS)

Kimberly Harrell-Mills
Katherine Padgett
Sasha Urena

Yates Field House (YFH)

Lucia Cappelloni

Caitlin Miller

Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching, and Service

Eunice Dickerson
Malgorzata Ledwon
Gemma Davies


Sasha Urena

McCourt School of Public Policy

Katherine Padgett
Sasha Urena

SAFF Office of the Vice President

Caren Sobier

Jenny Counter

Student Employment Office (SEO)

Cynthia Reid-Wills

Georgetown College

Sasha Urena

PROV, Office of the Provost
Main Campus Human Resources Contacts

Law Center

Aurora Edenhart-Pepe
Tracey Thomas
Kim Kelly-Matthews
Ian Glispy
Princely Muro
Ziniya Zahedi

Medical Center

HRC(s) Supervisory Organizations

Jacqualyn Williams

EVP and Medical Center Administration, Regulatory Affairs, Sponsored Research, Center for Clinical Bioethics, Environmental Health & Safety, Center for Global Health Practice and Impact – US Administration

Josephine Onah

Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Surgical Outcomes Research Center, The Innovation Center for Biomedical Informatics

Jasmine Rogers

School of Medicine and Dahlgren Library

Erin Curtis, Rosie Martinez

School of Nursing, Center for Health Equity – Research Implementation and Teaching (CHERITH)

Pauline Osei-Tutu

Division of Comparative Medicine

Donna Harris

Biomedical Graduate Research Organization (BRGO) Basic Science Departments, Clinical Trials, Center for Innovation and Leadership in Education, Center for Global Health Science and Security, Center for the Brain Basis of Cognitions (CBBC), Center for Neural Injury and Recovery (CNIR), Biomedical Graduate Education

April Cooper

Biomedical Graduate Research Organization (BGRO) Clinical Departments, Center for Functional and Molecular Imaging (CFMI), Center for Translational Transplant Medicine (CTTM), Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery, Center for Child and Human Development (CCHD), Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH), Center for Memory Disorders, Center for Aphasia Research and Rehabilitation, Center for the Study of Sex Differences, Center for Hypertension, Kidney & Vascular Research, W.C.Young Bone Marrow Program

Roxanne Holmes

Barbara Atkins  

GUMC Faculty Contingent Appointments, Center for Cell Programming (CCP), Center for the Study of Learning (CSL), Center on Medical Products Access, Safety and Stewardship (COMPASS), Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science Innovation (CERSI), Center for Global Health & Quality Assurance, Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science (GHUCCTS), Program for Regulatory Science and Medicine (PRSM)

Center for Global Health Practice and Impact – International  

Medical Center Human Resources Contacts

University Services

Area HRC(s)
Central Business Office

Valerie Azores

University Information Services

Judith Rivera

Office of Advancement

Shonali Kagal
Anxhela Zenuni


Dan Trump

Planning & Facilities Management

Tawanna Price

Georgetown University Police Department

Eva Waggoner

Department of Human Resources

Lauren McPhail

Keber Debebe

University Services Human Resources Contacts