Grants Management Certificate Program

The Georgetown University Research Compliance Working Group (RCWG) is proud to announce the Grants Management Certificate Program, a newly designed program to responsibly train staff in the administration, regulation, compliance and reporting of grants.   The program is designed to fulfill the grants management community’s need for extensive, centralized training, and, to ensure our community’s effective and efficient grants operation.  Participants will explore all aspects of grant management, including but not limited to financial operations, pre-award administration, post-award administration, compliance and ethics, and legal and regulatory issues.

The program is specifically designed for those who are currently engaged in the grants management process at Georgetown University.  However, all staff, faculty, university services and AAPs on the Main Campus, Law Center Campus and Medical Center Campus are also eligible to participate.  This 40 credit program will typically take two to three years to complete.  Upon completion, the participant will be awarded a certificate at a ceremonial lunch.

Courses will be taught in major categories:

  • Financial Operations
  • Pre-Award Administration
  • Post-Award Administration (including costing principles)
  • Compliance and Ethics
  • Legal and Regulatory
  • Interactive sessions to include webinars


Required Courses      Pre-requisites Credits
Introduction to Financial Responsibilities for Sponsored Projects    

Sponsored Research Workshop

CSR Review                        

Intellectual Property (IP)   None 2
Sponsored Research Workshop   None 4
Research Oversight Committees  None                                        3
Effort Reporting  None 3
Compliance and Ethics None 3
Legal & Regulatory Issues None            3
Data and Information Security None              2
Certification Class All Core Classes 2


Electives Courses     Pre-requisites Credits

Compliance and Ethics


CSR Review   None 3
Internal Controls None 2
Space Surveys None                                        2
Property Accounting None 2
Clinical Research Training

Introduction to Financial Responsibilities for Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Research Workshop

Research Oversight Committees

Allowability and Allocation None            3

Georgetown UniversityMedicalCenter Health and Safety Regulatory Compliance

None              3
Animal Research Protections and IACUCs Introduction to Financial Responsibilities for Sponsored Projects 2
Animal Research Training, Occupational Health and Safety Requirements Students should complete the AALAS electronic module, “Ethical Decision-Making in Animal Research” prior to attending the presentation. Students should contact Jan Gnadt at X72488 for log-in information to access the module. 2
Human Research Protection and IRBs Participants should complete the AALAS Learning Library module, “Working with the IACUC” prior to attending the presentation. Students should contact Amy Fish in the IACUC office at X72164 for log in information to access the module. 2