2018 Human Resources Service Awards

Every year at the Service Awards Ceremony Georgetown's Human Resources department recognizes GU employees who have been with the University for 20 years or more. In 2018, 393 service awards were given to Georgetown employees for their dedication and commitment to the university.

The community and their colleagues thank all awardees for their continued and unparalleled efforts to making Georgetown University a great institution.

Below is a list of Georgetown employees who have worked at the University for 20 years or more. For the full list of winners, click here.

 20 Years


Keyvan Barazandeh

Bernice Bashay-Chaplin

Madelon L. Brennan

Lori Parker Briggs

Eugennie P. Buckley

Mary S. Cooper

Ellen P. Coronado

Jonquil R. Edwards

Rosalyn Furukawa

Daunett V. Hemmings

Van K. Hoang

Meghan C. Hogge

Phil Humnicky

Rebecca A. Jones

Darrell B. Joyner

Kishan S. Kariawasam

Helen E. Karn

Ian F. Lewis

Grace Lovelace-Townsend

Peter J. Luger

Robin S. Magoon

Patty C. Martin

Serena C. Ody

Karen L. Pierce

Tonya K. Puffett

Miguel A. Ruiz

Allison Savoy-Logan

Tracey A. Thomas

Tonya E. Turner

Feng Zhu 

 25 Years


Brian J. Boston

Jose Carlos Chavez

Lawrence M. Fischer

Rodney O. Freeman

Kathleen R. Julien

Tony Kollath

Marjorie W. Lieberman

Martha E. Llerena

Susan M. Martin

Nancy Freiberg Robertson

David Roe

Daurie J. Simmons

Liza Smith

John H. Steitz

 30 Years


German O. Aguilar

Scott J. Allen

Phyllis A. Barrow

Cecil F. Campbell

Timothy V. Cash

Mary Beth Fargo

Eileen W. Fenrich

Amanda L. Hall

Willie Harmon

Shawn J. Hunt

Bobby V. Jackson

Phillip McGuire

Joan M. Pearl
Tawanna Richel Price
Louis E. Randall
Lloyd D. rogers
Bev A. Ross
Darryl N. Samuel
Mary M. Scully
Paul L. Silva
Sherri L. Thomas
Vernice M. Thompson
Melvinia Towns
David N. Zapple

 35 Years


Steven M. Eckhoff

 40 Years


Larry Van Bruce

Elisha H. Hunt

Deidre Elaine Small

Diann Nock Smith

Julius Wright

 45 Years


Judith F. House