Training & Development

"We seek to be a community where everyone - faculty member, student, administrator - can do their very best work - can become what only they can be."
John J. "Jack" DeGioia, President of Georgetown University

University Training and Development (UTD)

Our mission is to support Georgetown by helping employees do their very best work and fully realize their individual potentials.

We believe that all employees have within them the potential for doing their very best work. We want Georgetown to be the place where our employees realize their ambitions.

UTD offers learning and development opportunities and solutions for individuals, teams and organizations. Our courses cover personal, professional, managerial, and career development. We work with other departments to present operational and compliance training in many topics.

UTD also collaborates with departments to highlight and promote their activities to an administrative employee audience. Contact us if your department would like to collaborate with us.

UTD Values

We believe that motivated, engaged, high-performing and enthusiastic employees will seek to improve themselves and the University, advancing its goals and mission.

We value leadership and believe it can be practiced by all, regardless of rank or title.

We value self-awareness recognizing, in the words of Peter Drucker that, "successful careers...happen when people are prepared for opportunities because they know their strengths, their method of work and their values."

We value common purpose - in particular our common purpose of advancing Georgetown - and the meaning it imparts to relationships and activities.